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    PC Help

    I can't believe the new Range Rover is bad, since it's basically a BMW X7. Sure, it's assembled by Ford/Land Rover but surely the can't screw that up, can they? For me the problem with the RR is it's size, depreciation and lack of agility otherwise it felt like a great car when I drove it.
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    Hi everybody!!

    [ QUOTE ] Maybe CSL Rich = At least 50% richer than those who can only afford the standard M3 [/ QUOTE ] Must be then.
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    High Speed Buffing

    [ QUOTE ] However I have to say that to me it reads like you are trying to convince yourself (and maybe others) that the CSL will be everything you want it to be and you are prepared to accept what is I believe to be sub standard offering from BMW. [/ QUOTE ] Gareth, fair comment. I have...
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    [ QUOTE ] They managed to find the cause of the noise, one of the technicians spotted that my offside rear wheel was loose and the nearside rear wouldn't do up to the correct torque. [/ QUOTE ] That's one thing I forgot to mention in the Track Day Editorial, I always check my wheel...
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    In gear acceleration times

    Here are my times: Ok, Did some tests. These results are for a standard 1998 S reg Audi S4 saloon with 50k miles. All tests were perfomed on the flat, using Optimax (half tank) air-con on, engine warm, no passengers and a 100kg driver (not sure if that makes a difference or not) I did three...
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    Where to buy?

    [ QUOTE ] Great looking car!! Carbon Black or ?? [/ QUOTE ] Yes it's Carbon Black, with Contis on those 19" rims (how sad is it that I can tell that). Anyway, excellent looking car Raimon - hope you enjoy every mile.
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    how old are you ??

    I'm 26, do I get a prize?
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    Logging turbo boost with VAG-COM

    Good choice mate, I've only got the shareware, but it is awesome!! -Dan
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    Logging turbo boost with VAG-COM

    RAM, tried this last night. Don't think you mean block 011, more like 115 I think. sadly the shareware version doesn't go this high
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    Problems with alarm transmitter.

    Hi Dave, Funny what you say about stray radio signals. I have a similar set up to you, i.e audi alarm and a clifford. On a few occasions I thought the clifford wasn't working properly when I tried to arm/disarm it. It would seem that if (when I'm in a hurry) and I've got my hands full of...
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    West Country Meet???

    I'm in bristol, and I think ChrisT is too. Tauton or Exeter aren't too far away, so yes I'd be up for it. -Dan
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    Coil Packs - has anyone got one!

    Hi Jo, Seriosuly, if they look at all like they can be dismantled, then by all means send me one. I won't be online much today, but if you need my address then Joshie has it. I can't promise anything, but I'll certainly have a look for you. .....I never could refuse a damsel in distress
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    Gearbox Repaired!

    What sort of times were you getting then?? I'd imagine a standard S4 would do about 14s @ 100mph.
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    Coil Packs - has anyone got one!

    I wonder if they can be repaired? Can't be too much in them, presume it's just a coil and perhaps an electronic switch? Does anyone know if they can be dismantled? If so, then I bet I could fix one. -Dan
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    MAF Cleaning (used to be "Technical Forum")

    True, but the A3 i.8T doesn't have a MAF so you wouldn't have the oil and worries. I think the 1.8T engines have a pressure sensor, not air mass.