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    Arsenal did not have 1 attept at goal. And this is Arsenal we are talking about. They got absolutely outplayed and did not deserve to go through anyways..Barca were amazing. Although Bendtner should of won it for them with their only chance. Arsenal to win....Nothing.
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    private plate advice required.

    Yep. He is right! I have just bought new car picking up on friday and had private plate on the current car. Dealer has charged me £80 but has told me it will take a few weeks. Basically said the same, if I take it off now will cost £120 as someone has mentioned or he will change it for me for...
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    Buying a car with existing/outstanding finance?

    Really is no biggie. Tell him get settlement letter. Then call them together you speak to them regarding payment and car all cleared and then sign v5. Done. I've done it before and had no worries. The only worry as far as I'm concerned is buying a car that has been not declared as still on...
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    how loud is stock exhaust in an s3?

    Haha I'm sure if I went to halfords now an bought one of their exhausts..I'm thinking 7inch big bore exhaust I could come close.
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    New Coilovers,Wheels and Plates ! (with pics)

    Hate it. Hate Fords. :ninja: But OLlie your car looks much better!
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    how loud is stock exhaust in an s3?

    OEM is pretty quiet though..a little too quiet.
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    how loud is stock exhaust in an s3?

    P.S And whatever you do don't make it sound like your Impreza!
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    Wheels OR Coilovers?

    Wheels and her springs for me. Wheels will make you happy and at least you can drop it too. Unless you got an S3 or drive hard I wouldn't put the coilovers first, especially if you only got 16's on :ninja:. Wheels and springs and save for coilies.
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    something to make you smile!

    Haha that was funny! Couldn't stop laughing .
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    ANOTHER "what`s this S3 worth" thread.....

    And more mpg?! WTF! I'm trying to help Paul get about daily not drive to the moon! haha.
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    ANOTHER "what`s this S3 worth" thread.....

    Don't remind meee! lol!!! Interior is no match on the audi. Although it is very smooth indeed and very good looking the one I have bought. Trust me! Lol no mapping for this car I'm done with speed mate haha.
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    ANOTHER "what`s this S3 worth" thread.....

    My 4x4 plan went out of the window and I have just put down a deposit today on a 320d coupe Paul. Took it for a test drive and no it ain't no S3 but I drove it how it was supposed to driven..Slow and lane hogging and can admit the engine is abit of a gem for a derv. Plus it does 53.3mpg.
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    Evoms, HnR springs, Milltek selling up

    Sorry springs are prov sold! Evoms still available! .
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    Evoms, HnR springs, Milltek selling up

    The evoms and springs are provisially sold!
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    Evoms, HnR springs, Milltek selling up

    Ok people I have the following parts available that are coming off my S3! COLLECTION is preferred please from West Yorshire as I am a lazy s**t and genuinely cant be ***** to go to the post office. Parts will be coming off this weekend. Milltek Non-res catback exhaust special tips - £130 Hnr...