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    Private plate "R56 BYE"

    Hiya RS6 owners. I've been mooching on private plate sites looking for something to spark my interest enough to buy. I don't see the point in one that's my initials that means nothing to anyone else. I don't own an RS6 although hope to at some point in the future. However, when mooching I...
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    6 days to go .... excited MUCH!

    Thanks mate. It should look almost identical. That's what I asked them for. :-)
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    6 days to go .... excited MUCH!

    You My new family member is at my dealership. She's off having some paintwork done as I managed to get the dealer to do a lot of quick mods for me as part of my deal. - paint my OEM Wheels gloss black - replace white wing mirror covers for gloss black - paint the front splitter gloss black -...
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    tiptronic or multitronic

    The s tronic question was purely for selfish reasons having just bought a new car with s tronic. Didn't intend to hijack the post so I'll leave it there and have another look around the forum. :-)
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    tiptronic or multitronic

    Please forgive my ignorance but where does S-Tronic fit in here?
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    Audi S6 C7.5 Revo stage 1

    Have in mind Orange Wheels comes through Crawley Audi. My local Audi dealer is the back end of Car Wow. :-) Hence it's not such a stretch for your local dealer to match these deals as they go through them anyway.
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    Carista App

    Hit the menu icon in the top right corner and it should be there at the bottom.
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    Impressions of ADI 2016?

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to this forum and therefore new to the whole 'enthusiast' scene and had never been to such a meet before. Seeing as it was an Audi meet, supported by a magazine with Audi themselves there, at a race circuit, I had quite high hopes of what to expect. And at £10 an adult I...
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    New to the C7

    Great that you got such a positive response and no doubt gave you confidence. What feedback did you hear about TDI then, if any?
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    New to the C7

    Can't decide ... on which brand? I.e. DTUK or TDI? Any thoughts and considerations you've gathered in the process?
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    New to the C7

    I'm certainly going to do this but got to wait for my car to arrive yet, run her in and get a feel for the stock performance before adding a box. I am however curious to know how you came around to choosing a DTUK box. Having researched on the forums TDI appear to be well known and, for my...
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    A6 Saloon - advice on which options are best to get.

    Having had one and just ordered my second new one I don't think I could go back to the monochrome DIS having had the 7" colour DIS So Tech Pack is a must for me. Heated seats are often overlooked but with leather they are a true god send in the cold weather. I like the light pack which...
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    Counting the days until my new toy arrives ...

    Counting the days until my new toy arrives ...
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    Converting your cars cameras to record

    What a cracking idea. Especially when some models have two SD card slots.
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    A fun little thing that weirded me out this morning...

    Third sun visor? Do you mean the little one found behind the rear view mirror?