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    What is that knocking sound??!!!!

    Hi Coyle, Yeah was pretty bad you could tell from a fair distance :P Mine tended to make the noise when there was lateral movement on the suspension e.g. going over a speed bump with one set of wheels left or right side only. Hope you get it sorted mate!
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    What is that knocking sound??!!!!

    Just to update you, replacing the ARB sorted it the car no longer makes the knocking noise!
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    Audi Recall ( all petrol engines)

    As everyones already mentioned just had my car in for some work and had the coil packs all changed as part of the campaign.
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    What is that knocking sound??!!!!

    Well I'm getting a complete ARB replacement tomorrow and rear shocks replacement so will let you know if it resolves it :)
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    What is that knocking sound??!!!!

    It's not dangerous unless you are spanking the car around. The £1500 was for labour as well apparently to replace it requires dropping the subframe and realigning it which is where the time is.
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    What is that knocking sound??!!!!

    I had the same thing - from the report by Audi - FRONT COLLARS CRACKED FRONT COLLARS HAVE MOVED ACROSS BAR PLUS 4 W/A £1,513.67 to repair.
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    respray cost?

    I can highly recommend the guys at Pentagon in Hertfordshire, did my A3 when I had it and the work was amazing.
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    Noggy Blue 8L S3 Uxbridge area, i said hello :)

    Yeah thats Scott talked to him a bit about his car nice looking motor its pretty slammed though he said he struggles to get into car parks. Yeah Suf sorry I only know him by chatting at the gym, his polo looks mint must've spent a massive amount of money on it, he has got huge too haha! Nice I...
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    What does this dash light mean?

    I found on my 96 A3 that moving the steering column up and down then locking it back in place would resolve the issue for about 4-5 months... not a permanent solution but should you find yourself in trouble might be worth a go!
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    Snapped front coil spring :(

    Cheers boys, when I questioned why this wasn't bought up last MOT he said he would find out with the technician then came back to me and said it had passed, no advisory and those were recommendations! Im still gonna get it checked out somewhere reputable and see get them to inspect it.
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    Snapped front coil spring :(

    Funnily enough mine snapped about 2 months ago offside front, again over a speed bump I was taking nice and slowly luckily, it just went BONG, cost £200 roughly from Audi as that was closest to me. Took it back there stupidly for the free MOT, currently been told my rear shocks have gone (which...
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    Noggy Blue 8L S3 Uxbridge area, i said hello :)

    Yeah Virgin, I was talking to Saf at the gym he knew you, where did you get the work done on your car?
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    RS3 on Pistonheads

    Eh... I quite like the front end but everything else is just a bit... bland?
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    S3 in the Snow & Snowboards

    It's not part time AWD in that the rear wheels always have around 5 - 10% power going to them in normal motorway conditions to reduce temperature and wear on the components, so they are being driven you just dont notice it. The Haldex, as I understand it works on a rotational difference so...
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    Noggy Blue S3 on A40 going towards Park Royal, got a wave! G8 ***

    Was me again haha! Was admiring the car, I dropped back and then had to show my mates so pulled up alongside :)