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    Heater not working drivers side?

    Can't shut the vent, it's the large one above the glovebox and the one below the windscreen that blows hot air. All the others, including the footwells, blow ice cold air. I shut the drivers vents but you still get zapped by the window-dashboard vents :/ Tried all the settings, all the...
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    S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

    Nice I live just ~5 miles NW from where that video was taken. I will look out for you! Someone pulled up to me at those traffic lights recently in a S5 sportback, waited for me to drive off, which I did in my very muted 2.0T (it has an OPF so even more muted :/) then stormed off in his S5 which...
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    Heater not working drivers side?

    Wow I didn't expect a 6 month old, ~9k mile car to go wrong already. But anyway I found out recently my heater doesn't work on my b9 a5 coupe. Or rather it only works on the passenger side. Drivers side blows ice cold air no matter what you do, only way to stop it is turn off the HVAC...
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    Shuddering idle?

    Hi I got a 2019 a5 2.0T 190 S-line I noticed the other day my car shuddering / vibrating at idle like once every 5 sec or so. It does it both in park with handbrake on, and at traffic lights where it presumably has the hand brake on (the mode where you come up to a stop, and then you can take...
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    exhaust steam at idle when warm?

    Well "all cars do it" well no they don't none of mine did, my dad's SQ5 doesn't either.
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    2019 A5 Black Edition interior lighting

    My S-Line has them and it only had 2 options - full leather and auto fold mirrors. I turned them to the very lowest setting though as it's distracting at night. Though not as distracting as the light I can do nothing about - the green light in the top where the sunroof controls would be, that...
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    New Audi A5/S5 picture thread

    > Spends £23k cash on a car > 4 weeks later gets put into enforced quarantine for unknown period of time...and all countries that have had martial law never get their rights back...the whole world is in quarantine. GG
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    exhaust steam at idle when warm?

    All my previous petrols and diesels only did it when the engine (and therefore exhaust pipes) are cold and the car is warming up, not x hours into journey.
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    exhaust steam at idle when warm?

    So my car is doing great and all but I have noticed, at night time, when car headlights show it, when my car is warm and been driving for like 30 mins, I will sit at traffic lights and quite a bit of condensation / steam will be coming out of my exhausts. It disappears when accelerating or...
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    35 vs 40 TFSI?

    Thanks. I managed to buy a 2019 with just under 5k miles for..well a bargain! Feels like a new car. Nav broken though (message: The navigation data is not enabled) Even with the SD card in etc.. :/ Other than that, and I don't use sat nav much, the car is brilliant. I bought the 190, twin...
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    35 vs 40 TFSI?

    Hi what are the differences between the 35 tfsi 150 and the 40 tfsi 190? Is it just software? thx
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    SQ5 Drive Select button missing

    lookin at soem sq5's and the DS button is missing. how ez is retrofit simply finding and installing the button and VCDS or more? Would probabyl put entire car in comfort + dynamic engine noise to get the v6 burble thanks
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    So looking on autotrader the prices between Sq5 and Q5 3.0 tdi are basically the same...for some reason tax is cheaper on an SQ5. But insurance is £300 more. Wondering if an Sq5 is worth it over a 3.0 tdi Q5? You do tend to get more spec - electric memory seats for example compared to a Q5...
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    My A6 3.0TDI feels slow....

    I find the 3.0 tdi to be more about effortless torquey waft than driving fast.