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    Audi s1 exhaust options

    All, How does exhausts work with drive select and open valves? Also, best sounding exhaust? Keep looking at Remus Any vids with BRANDED exhausts ?
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    Car cleaning setup?

    Hi guys, What’s your favourite products and whole setup for a clean / detail? Whole setups please Best
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    Selling my S1

    did you sell this in end?
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    New S1 ordered

    Congrats I'm looking for a second hand one waiting for the spec I want though. New year new car. Exciting times
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    Bose Surround Sound

    See your a past VXR owner .. got a corsa artic now but getting slightly too old for it.. four rings like the Audi sign is the way forward
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    Bose Surround Sound

    You standard ? To be honest I was gonna pre order a Remus straight away and get rid of old exhaust. Standard exhaust sound nice ?
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    Exhaust silencers / Remus

    Hi all, Soon to grab an s1 as soon as I find right spec. Seem to hear all exhausts and they don't really " do it " for me. Maybe that supersprint one but it's crazy money. I see the Remus catback. Have a Remus on my artic VXR and it sounds nice. Soon as I get it, the exhaust will be...
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    Bose Surround Sound

    Hi guys, Searching for an S1 for my next car, do love music, how good is the Bose surround sound? Only ask because buying used and going to spec it, and when i refine my search not MANY cars for sale have it. Enlighten me if you can, Many thanks