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The Slug
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Jan 15, 2012
Nov 4, 2004
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Graphics & Vehicle wrapping

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The Slug

Registered User, from UK

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Jan 15, 2012
    1. meek5396
      I have a airbag light on after removing my glove box, I live between nuneaton and Bedworth. Do you still have the VAGCOM/VCDS software and cable to reset my audi A4 2006
    2. The Slug
      The Slug
      sorry paul i no longer have equipment.
    3. Paul Coupland
      Paul Coupland

      I purchased a Golf MK5 a little while ago and the only thing left revving me up is the seat belt bong! I have read it is possible to mute it in vcds and I found you off the map as I live in Hinckley. I was hoping you would be able to help? I can give you a few quid for your trouble if you wanted.

      Please msg me back or email @ coup27@hotmail.com

    4. meshedup
      sorry to bother you but seem to have stumbled accross you through audi-sport.net
      As my post suggests I'm pretty desperate at the moment - really cheesed with the local unhelpful dealerships.
      If you have a spare minute could you have a look at my post and let me know if you have any ideas / suggestions
      Audi Forums A4 Series
      <LI class=navbit>Audi S4/A4/A4 Cab (B8 Chassis)<LI class="navbit lastnavbit">S4 cab 07 owner- do you know better than Audi techies? Help
    5. dickys3
      Hi Mate,

      Yeah still on here! I sold the A3 and bought a golf. But recently returned as I bought my third S3 (although this is my first mk2!).

      Hows tricks? What you driving these days?
    6. The Slug
      The Slug
      would you mind mentioning it to him for me please, and of course discounts all round for AS.net members!!! Oh got H&R's on the beast now, have been refurbing my wheels misen, dow look bad actually lol....chat soon bud :P
    7. jojo
      You need to speak to FactionOne mate, he's the admin, and controls the advertising side of things. Offer discounts to ASN members to see if you can get the ad in for free.
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    Graphics & Vehicle wrapping

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    Vehicle wrapping specialist

    NOW SOLD S6 Avant 4.2 V8....ooooo the noise hehe

    NOW SOLD '03 A3 TDi Quatty Sport Mods so far: Aerowipers front & Rear, Type R Sting ariel, 18" RS-TT Alloys, Superchips remap, Eibach Pro Springs -40mm, Bilstein B8 dampers, R32 ARB's Front & Rear, Pipercross panel filter :beerchug:
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