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    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    I'm looking for a bit of advice on how much to sell my car for guys if you can? It's a 2011 61 plate A3 3-Door 170 Diesel (manual) Black Edition Quattro in Panther Black. Got just over 59k miles currently, full service history, cambelt and water pump changed at around 45k miles. I've got all...
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    Bike Racks - 3 door S-Line?

    Thread resurrection :) How're you getting on with your bike rack mate, I'm having a look around for my S Line...
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    Audi A3 2012 2.0tdi 170 EGR Replacment

    I must admit, I'd seriously consider the EGR delete, that way it can't go again... my EGR cooler just went, that was a £1500 job, thankfully I've got extended warranty. The whole EGR system is a buggers muddle.
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    Remap on 170 Diesel - is it worth it?

    You lot are useless :D Anyone used JKM in Portsmouth?
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    Remap on 170 Diesel - is it worth it?

    Sooo, are we saying the EGR delete doesn't need a physical blank just mapped out? I think Regal had said to me that's an extra cost over and above the remap itself. Should I be looking for a local REVO mapper?
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    FM Reception suddenly poor?

    I remembered that 'd bought a new car charger for my dashcam, this is the culprit :) I've replaced it, but the new one still kicks out a little bit of interference, although less. I'd bought the original one because it had a hard on/off switch so I didn't need to keep plugging/unplugging - the...
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    Remap on 170 Diesel - is it worth it?

    I called my insurance (Admiral) yesterday and it only adds a tenner to the premium for up to 200bhp. So all I need now is to find a decent local-ish mapper.
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    Remap on 170 Diesel - is it worth it?

    I think I'm ideally wanting to give my car to people who aren't tossers :)
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    Remap on 170 Diesel - is it worth it?

    What does that mean mate?
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    Remap on 170 Diesel - is it worth it?

    Great advice thanks everyone - I'd also be really interested in tried and tested mappers who can also blank EGR and map out the DPF (but leave it in). I'm down Southampton way, so have thought about Regal Autosport, but would also be interested in any other recommendations...
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    Remap on 170 Diesel - is it worth it?

    I've been thinking of a stage 1 remap for my 170 BE Quattro. but didn't want to do anything drastic like remove the DPF so I dn't get any future MOT problems. Talking to regal, they're saying that will limit the BHP increase to 190 - 200, so now I'm starting tot hink is it worth it or not for...
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    EGR Valvle maintenance?

    Thanks very much for the reply mate, I already do all of those things (I don't do any short journeys in it at all) but I've never used cleaner so I might give that a go :)
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    Note deadlock : see owners manual

    Mine does it every now and again or all the time I'm not sure, but it's been the same since new, I don't really know what it's trying to tell me :D
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    EGR Valvle maintenance?

    As this sounds like a part that tends to go a fair bit on Audi's, is there a way to periodically clean it up to maintain it? I'm sure I've heard people talking about removing their EGR and cleaning out the carbon and refitting, or am I imagining it? Alternatively, are there any fuel additives...
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    Audi A3 8p cr170 remap?

    I'm also getting more interested in a remap, mainly to stop me thinking about replacing the car :) Who is best near Southampton?