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    Charging using medium (22kW) and fast/rapid (50kW) charging points

    Hi Jetron I have regularly used the ecotricity rapid a/c charge points to charge my etron at both Ikea and the M1 service stations without issue. Apologies if Im asking the obvious but has your RFID card been correctly configured by Ecotricity to use the rapid AC ? I only ask becuase there was...
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    Post Pictures Of Your e-tron

    e-tron delivered on Friday and couldn't be happier, drives like a dream
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    Audi A3 E-tron

    The day has finally arrived and I can say that I am now the proud driver of an A3 e-tron. The car looks great (glacier white, black alacantra) and baring the fact that they forgot to bring all of the manuals it has been a good day. I've only managed to drive to the petrol station and back so...
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    Audi A3 E-tron

    Fingers Crossed mine arrives on Friday morning. Finally had confirmation that its at the dealership and confirmed with the VIN and registration number. The car was ordered back at the end of September 14 with an original delivery date confirmed for week 2, then one week before it was due the...