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    Seized screws and silver plating.

    Getting a bit annoyed with how brake fasteners always weld themselves in. Has anyone tried using silver plated screws before to replace the original screws? I know they are used loads in aerospace where things do through heat cycling frequently (normally silver plate helicoils rather than screws...
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    Smoke smell

    Dont forget, loads of the smell will be stuck in the ventilation and filter.
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    Big Power 5 Cylinder awd hatch back. What would you use?

    The Ford / Volvo 5 cylinder is the same engine (according to wikipedia) and is transverse through a Haldex centre diff (which is why I bought an S4 in the end), same as the A3 / Golf AWD, It's also a lot more modern than the old Audi lump and thus more complex, has variable timing etc. If you...
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    help please

    So they do! Didn't think of that.
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    help please

    One of the stupidest things I have ever done while re-assembling a head was to get the cams mixed up. Had the same symptoms you describe. It kind of burped a few times but would never start.
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    Remove birthdays from the Calender

    Given that the site has 27,093 users, of which each one has precisely one birthday, and there are less than 27,093 days in a year, the calender is filled with birthdays. I didn't notice any events, just birthdays and bank holidays. Could birthdays be filtered out of the calender as they are of...
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    Acid bird?

    I have left bird poop on my cars for weeks before with no effect! Either way, Autoglym did some research into it. Cutting it short, lacquer softens in the sunlight, then hardens around the grains in bird poop when it cools down. Presumably this means your lacquer is still there and hasn't been...
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    Jaguar [new age] drivers. <rant>

    Has a tendancy to rush around > gives the impression of being "busy and productive" > gets promotion into a company car position > 4 door exec diesel saloons are the top of the list for non directors > people who tend to set off too late, make rash short term driving decisions, schedule doesn't...
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    Jaguar [new age] drivers. <rant>

    I do love seeing people get boxed in for undertaking. I get that too warren, its usually something like "you should have got something reliable like a Volkswagen". I usually roll my eyes and move on.
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    German Whip

    Surprising amount of British and American metal in that video. The Mini's were arguably German at one point but the rest is inexcusable!
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    WOMEN CAN'T OVERTAKE - some old people can't either

    My micra scares me to death, it's the only car I have owned that has body roll on a straight. Going anywhere near 40 starts to become a bum clenching experience.
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    Nice little animation from Mercedes showing their new F1 engine

    Ha! €60 to fill a tank! Sensible post edit: I'm quite impressed the idea of putting a KERS charger / anti-lag on the turbine shaft. I presume that's effectively 'free' energy as far as the use of KERS goes?
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    The cheapest to maintain car you ever had?

    Honda Civic EJ4. The only thing it cost me was tax, test, insurance, servicing and fuel. My MG used to break it's self out of spite.
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    Jaguar [new age] drivers. <rant>

    I see rich idiots all the time. At least these ones are buying British built cars. I noticed more people blocking me off now I drive an Audi though, not that my old non vtec Civic did much overtaking. Do people hate us that much?
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    Replacing exhaust flexis S4

    One of my flexi joint braids has come undone completely at one end and is being held together by the inner pipe, as a temporary fix for the time being due to funds (thermostat also needs replacing, wheels need a refurb, car needs lowering, milltek, remap etc. Usual S4 problems), I intend on...