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  • Hi mate, could you supply me the interior led kit?
    I have a 56 reg A4 B7
    i need the 2 map lights and main light and the rear lights, I have no vanity lights for mirrors.

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me.
    My mate has just given me some 6000k to try.
    If I don't like them I'll get back to you.

    It is pure white I'm after, so what do you suggest if I don't like the 6000k?

    Many thanks
    Hi, I have just got my s3 so im fairly new to this, what is the coding VCDS and what do you have to do?
    Hi there,
    I am looking in to changing the DRL, sidelights and fog light bulbs to a whiter light to match xenons on my 2007 s3 what is the best option and how much are they?
    thanks James,
    Hi there,

    Totally new here i was told to contact youself regarding P13W LED Canbus DRL Bulbs for my Audi A4 2009 avant B8. I would be looking for 4 of them if you can supply them?
    hi mate just wondering what headlight bulbs u have for sale lookin for white as possible with good vision its a 53 plate 3 door a3 thank you
    Hi mate. Can/do you supply h7 5000k hid bulbs?
    I have 8000k fitted but are to purple for my liking.

    Thanks Kris.
    if whats the whole?
    i dont have footwell lights no.
    im after the map reading lights and main middle and the ones in the middle rear if you can help me out with the bulb type?
    hi mate, someone recommended that i ask you about advice on changing the headlight bulbs on my 2009 a3 2.0tdi sport... i have the standard headlights but wanted to change just the bulbs for drl/sidelights and main headlight bulbs for now with a view to change the fog lights and high beams soon after... i was after a pair of your 20w cree led drl/sidelights and some h7 headlights to match the sidelights. thanks!
    hi, im new and i dont know what DIS is haha!
    i have fitted h7 hid's today, i need to do the sidelights which are 501 i presume, but look a ballache to get to!
    mainbeam are also h7?
    and no i dont have interior lights done but im very interested in doing that!
    Hi mate, was told to get in touch with you regarding lights.
    could you help me out by confirming/telling me which bulbs ill need for the following:
    Headlights (H7 as far as im aware)?
    sidelights (501s)?
    number plate bulbs?
    all the bulbs i need for interior front and rear?
    Hi t8ups. im after the same as molnboman, plus number plate lights. Do your headlight bulbs give equally as good light as the nightbreakers?
    Maybe you could pm me with a price please?
    Wondering if you can help me. Looking for a complete front bulb upgrade for my A4 B7 Avant 2005. Been told Nightbreakers, and eqivalent colour in side lights are the ones to go for. Can you advise. Thanks in advance,
    Hi mate, i purchased a full interior led and number plate led set off you and i was wondering if you had anything for the headlight bubs (h7) for my 59 plate A3 1.9tdie. I've currently installed the osram night breakers, but they're too yellow for my liking, would you have anything in a white/blue light? Also would you have anything for the fogs too?

    Kind regards
    its a 2003 A3 2.0TDi 140 with light pack yes, i want the roof lights white but the footwell a calm red
    Hiya mate, I have a 2004 b6 a4 estate, need a qoute for a full set of can bus LEDs for my car please! I have hids (6000k)
    could you give me a quote for the full interior LEDs, including foot-well and rear number plate LEDs
    Hi mate, the mods just put me onto you, Im after a price for some LED's for my b6, Sidelights, bootlight, front fogs, interiour inc map lights and number plate lights, think thats it :)
    Hello mate, seen your the person that knows all about the interior lighting! Well would you be able to give me a price on all iterior bubls for my (Audi a3 53 reg sport 140 tdi) I have yet to recieve my car as it should be here by thursday and that would give me something to do before Christmas. (Just brought the thing!) Any way yeah im interested in all interior lighting and the 2 rear numberplate lights. Kind regards Icemonkey.
    hi, could you give me a quote for the full interior LED pack (same as tuftys) as well as the rear fog light LEDS.
    Hi mate I here your the guy for bright bulbs I need some for my 56 plate s line a3 also maybe some drl's and h11 fog bulbs what's the brightest and best mate any help would be great cheers
    Hi mate I have a 56 plate a3 s line I am after brighter headlights and I've heard hid cause problems so what's the best h7 bulbs and also some hid look fog light bulbs I think they are h11 also maybe dry lights what have you got and what price mate cheers?
    Hi T8ups,

    I've sent a message but not sure it went through. I'd like to grab a few sets of LED's for my 2006 (b7) A4 S-line and hear you're the person!.. Drop me a reply or message and I'll paypal you right away.

    Thanks, Edd
    hi, ive heard your the man to see for good lighting, im after 2 sets of h7 bulbs and a set of h11, how much would they cost, thanks
    Hi T8ups,

    I sent you a msg about an hour ago but not sure if it went as I can't see it in my Sent Items.
    I am after prices for Number plate LED's and side light LED's for my 2005 A4 B7 2.0TFSi.

    Many Thanks, Dan.
    Hey man,

    Im after LED DRLs for an 8P S3 as well as some LED number plate lights. Can you help? I tried some of ebay and the number pate LEDs have blown and the DRLS throw an error....D'oh!
    Hi I understand your the go to guy for some DRL strips to go by my fogs what have you got?

    Hi T.

    Looking for 2 LED bulbs for a boot courtesy light conversion which I want to do using the Robin loom.

    Can you provide a cost please?


    Hi mate I have an 07 s3 with drl function. I want to change crappybyellowbulbs to led or super white lamps. And need 4 bulbs for my puddle lights. Can you help. Many thanks big harty
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