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  • Trups
    so sorry haven't got back to you - haven't been on here properly for a while if you still have these in stock how do I pay for them
    cheers kev
    sorry again
    Hi there. Iv got a 58 plate A3 3 door. Its got the halogen DRLs at the moment. Do you have a bulb in stock to convert the drls to white (like a LED) ?
    Hi t8ups, I'm looking for some interior LED's for my 09 8P A3... any ideas if I can get something error free for Overhead festoon x 2
    Map reading x 2
    Footwell lights x 2
    Door safety (opening lights) x 2
    Glovebox light x 1
    boot light x 1??
    hi iv been told you sell led's im after led's for the daytime running lights on my 2009 a4 how much are they and are they easy to fit regards chris
    I would like to upgrade the sidelights and main beam on my B7 A4 TFSI, can you advise me on which ones I need and how much you charge?
    After interior LEDs for 2005 sport back, no light pack fitted, so just after front and back interior lights and boot light.
    Oh right, nice one.

    i will take them, you got any for puddle lights too? Ones under the door? Footlights aswell?

    How can I pay you? Website or?

    Hi, there,
    I've already sent you a private msg about Canbus sidelight loom that you offer. Is it possible to get a set of these cable? Thanks
    Alright mate i have been referred to you for some bulbs iam after some new bulbs for my a3 looking for something like a white light and looks good on my a3 any suggestions cheers
    Hi T8, have you got.... Numberplate LEDS, Sidelight LEDS for a 2007 S3? Error free of course. If so, how much? Thanks
    hi mate im after some white xenon front fog lights for my a3 can you help??
    Cool, Thanks.. are they plug & play replacements? I dont wanna be messing around with resistors etc..i dont have the know-how!

    Thanks again
    Hello mate,

    Looking to upgrade my lights from the yellowy mess to some nice white light. Dont need them to be mega bright, just not yellow!

    Have a 2007 TDI S Line Sportback with interior light package, and would prob look at everything needed...sidelights (have main/dipped beam osram nightbreakers), fogs?, interior door/footwell/reading lamps front & rear etc

    Could you send me a price pls (mainland UK)

    Thanks fella


    im after white bulbs for fogs, drl's, number plate and main interior light for now please if you could give me a price, they're for a b7 a4, obviously don't want error codes!

    Thanks bud
    Hi there
    any chance I can get a set of these number plate LEDs of you
    for my 2009 audi a3 black edition I've tried the a5 units from audi and there just showing bulb out on dash
    if you could help me out that would be great
    cheers Jamie
    Hi mate I will take the lot please.
    the 501 sidelights and the number plate LEDs.
    £13 altogether matey yeah?
    let me know and I will message you my address etc
    cheers man
    Hello mate cheers for the reply!
    Can I grab the number plate LEDs?
    or would you the full lot for £10 posted?
    let me no matey
    if you can, drop me a text on 07964333433
    cheers trups

    Aright man I'm a new audi owner and a baby to German engineering! I have an 05 plate a3 per facelift, and I hear your the man to hit me up with some canbus 501 sidelights and some number plate LEDs.. I've been looking on eBay which is where I've usually turned to but I hear your the man
    let me know if you can help matey much appreciated!
    Sorry i completely forgot the most basic requirements! Its a 2010 Audi A3 1.4T

    Hi buddy, I am looking at replacing my front fog bulbs (To match my DRL Xenons), rear number plate LED's and front dome lights. Do you have these in stock and how much would shipping be to Cyprus please.

    Many Thanks
    hi i bought some canbus error free led indicator lights for my A4 B7 SLINE AVANT but im getting hyper flash but no errors reported on the dash which is good. how can i fix this hyper flash without hassle

    regards Paul
    Ok that's fine next question how to pay and also can I pick them up I'm only 30mins away in mk?
    Thank chris
    Hi no light pack and I do have sunvisor lights I could be wrong be I think I need:
    front dome lights
    sun visors
    rear dome lights
    boot light
    rear number plate
    front led side light

    thanks Chris
    Hello t8ups I'm looking to replace all my interior lights, number plate and side lights on my 2005 a3
    Thanks Chris
    Hi Trups
    I have a (Ibis white) 2008 Audi S3. Completely new to the world of upgrading the lights, but recent MOT threw up rear number plate light not working..... so research has led me to sign up to this forum and contacting you to purchase replacement bulbs.

    Would be grateful if you could advise what you have available and prices (not a boy racer, so don't want bright LEDs?);
    i) just the rear number plate lights
    ii) other replacements bulb packs


    sharmina ;)
    Hi T8ups, i bought the interior led set off you last week, just to let you know iv had nothing in the post?
    Hi Trups

    i was on your recent thread about the H11 White fog bulbs, and was interested in getting a set when you get stocked up.
    I'm also looking for a set of sidelights 501 for my 56plate A3 to match the diamond vision headlights.
    I wonder if you could sort that out, don't mind waiting till the H11 come in.

    any help is appreciated, you seem like the man to go too.
    hope you don't mind being P.M'd

    Hi mate. I'm after some LEDs for a 2006 B7 A4 Cabriolet.
    Basically want to replace all the interior lighting with LEDs. Could you spec up what bulbs I'd need please?
    cheers fella

    Hello m8, wanting some nice bright white bulbs for my 2006 Sb A3. Do I need 2 sets ie main & dipped ?
    Can you let me know price & timescale pls ( dipped beam bulb blown )

    Cheers Baz1819
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