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Jul 17, 2014
Jan 20, 2011
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Recruitment Consultant

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IF IN DOUBT GO FLAT OUT, from warrington

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Jul 17, 2014
    1. leeboss87
      Sorry mate just seen the picture how much you looking for?
    2. leeboss87
      Hi mate do you have a picture, if so send it to Lee2204@hotmail.com
    3. Reesy
      It'll be with you by the weekend mate.
    4. ruffrida
    5. Danio
      Hi m8 Would be nice too see your car. I'm from Skem.
    6. miss_lucy
      Nah not yet im going on holiday on Monday, my mates bfs gonna sort it out the day after i get back hopefully :)
    7. miss_lucy
      Yeah i like them there nicee!!
      Just found out whats wrong with my S3 think i need a new manifold! so annoying!!!
    8. miss_lucy
      prob coilovers then. I cant afford them at the mo as going on holiday in a month but let me know how much if they sell them .
      click on link below, its these ones! not sure what size i'd like 19's but obviously more expensive and tyres are alot too!

      eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
    9. miss_lucy
      im not sure, havent a clue what the difference is tbh lol
      Ive found thse lambo style ones which i like (i did a thread on it somewhere with a pic of them)
    10. miss_lucy
      Some 18s and lower it! cant afford that till after xmas though. just got a thing through the post saying my tax was due start of Aug! so annoyed, the owner said it had 3mnths! my fault shuda checked tho!! :/
    11. miss_lucy
      Yeah im gonna get a quote soon, i know someone who sprayed my mg for £850 and it should be cheaper if its just a top layer!
      I will show you when its done :)
    12. miss_lucy
      Looks great! its a lovely yellow! I originallly was going to get a blue/black one and have it sprayed a pearl white but because its already a nice colour i don't want to spray it white but thinking of putting some sort of pearl finish on top?
    13. miss_lucy
      Looks good! you should put more pics up!! I sold my MG to someone from France yesterday she flew over to get it lol! so my lil Mg is now french haha!
      I used to drive my bfs Golf GTI Turbo and loved it, but a lil bit boring too look at so i thought the S3 looked better espesh in Yellow :)
    14. miss_lucy
      Oh yes i love my yellow cars lol :D i see you do too!!!
    15. Wizza
      I've kinda got use to it and quite like it. If you ever decide to sell your door cards let me know as I could do with spare especially seen as my drivers one is damaged :P hehe

      I've got a machine polisher at home which I stil ain;t used yet and had it ages lol
    16. Wizza
      Looks extremely tidy that mate. Nice job on the cleaning - still need to get mine properly detailed and stock up on my Meguiars products.

      I see you have the same blue inteior as mine aswell :)
    17. Wizza
      No they aren't the cheapest but sometimes I don't have a lot of time to work on my own car and don't have all the tools so just makes thinsg easier - done a few bits and bobs myself though like :)

      I found your post in the A3/S3 picture thread but there links are missing - is yours the A3 with the J444AAP reg plate? If so I have seen that at Winwick Way before, but not had a proper look round it.
    18. Wizza
      Aye, you'll always find me on Northern-Modified now or on here if I'm posting :)

      Will have to look through for pics of yours if it's on here. If you want add me on facebook - will be on there somewhere :)

      Yeah have spent a fair bit at Awesome but it's such a convenient place to go for both parts and advice. And yeah will be attending the Summer Bash - hopefully geta front spot :P
    19. Wizza
      Hi mate, I remember speaking to you a few times on KNW about your red 106 GTi - you were on there as Simo weren't ya? I no longer use KNW forum anymore.

      Yeah I do work with and know Brad - top lad :) I wouldn't have twigged if it was you at Awesome though. Which car do you drive now?
    20. superkarl
      were you in southport at a tesco petrol station tonight?
      if i was in my s3 i would have said hey.
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