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    s1 aluminium gear knob

    Knob now too cold to touch in this freezing weather.
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    S1 Insurance

    Best price i’m getting is £264 from esure. Edit: Quote-me-happy coming in at £249.
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    s1 aluminium gear knob

    No such luck in my car park.
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    s1 aluminium gear knob

    Could hardly touch my knob today it was that hot.
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    Persistent rattle

    Nice, i'll suggest that when it goes in for a service in July.
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    Persistent rattle

    I have something similar but on the offside, still not done anything about it yet though.
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    Help! Rattle.

    I've got a rattle coming from the rear, left side I think, not sure if something is loose in the suspension area.
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    Audi RS1 Info / Rumour Thread
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    S1 Spotters thread

    I'm seeing this car every day now and am hating them for getting the exact same spec and colour as me.
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    Looks identical to mine.
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    S1 Spotters thread

    Just found out that there's an identical blue S1 to mine a couple of streets over from me. (South Wales Valleys)
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    Aluminium gear knob or the regular one?

    The Aluminium knob is ****** cold to touch in the Winter.
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    Anyone using a dashcam

    Any S1 owners using a dashcam?
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    New S1 owner

    From Bristol Audi via
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    New S1 owner

    Just amazing.