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    PD170 (BMN) G28 crankshaft sensor

    Hi I have a Golf gt tgi pd170 (BMN engine code) It didnt start yesterday and gave me fault code P0321 - engine speed sensor I have purchased a new sensor but cant find 100% its location , some people saying to remove the oil filter and housing and others saying its in the gearbox Could...
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    Re-Trim Costs? Options? A5 Seats into 8P

    Sorry for jumping in thread but this is something I like the sound of and I presume a seats from a 3door A5 for a 3door A3 and sportback to sportback
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    audi s3 induction kit engine cover

    The one off a TTS fits without cutting and allows a intake Have a search on here for ttrs cover
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    Catch Can Audi S3

    The tfsi engines circulate oil vapour back into the intake. A catch can "catches" part of it to reduce the amount sent back into the intake but can't 100% stop it happening.
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    upgrading my brakes?

    Best bet would probably a S3 setup
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    upgrading my brakes?

    What engine and year you got?
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    There isn't a slight blow is there then when system warms up its sealing
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    ** Welldone HID for Audi A3 - Group Buy**

    Can you check you PM please Dan
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    Headlight bulb upgrade ?

    If you do go hid way Welldone just added a 20% discount code to group buy
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    Headlight bulb upgrade ?

    Best I've found are the osram nightbreaker plus
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    Induction / map

    Revo is brand with a lot of money backing r&d R-tech do each individual tune specific to each car and mods no two the same with full health checks before hand I'm going to r-tech for my mapping after seeing the work and results following niki and the rtech page
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    bi xenon adivce

    I belive they were still and option on the sline If doing a sline rep you will want Front bumper complete with grill and fogs Spoiler Rear bumper or just diffuser Very helpful thread with part numbers here...
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    Audi A3 2006 Black Grill?

    Ebay is best bet or plasti dip the original
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    Induction / map

    Have a search on the forum and quite a few owners on here have a MTC kit on
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    Induction / map

    as above a downpipe will open up few more ponies and the MTC kit from ebay gets good reviews on here and niki at rtech gets my vote also for mapping