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    Re gas of air con in hull area

    try m & m autos in beverley they did me a full service last year on my system for £25 it was on offer but you never know it might be again. they were very good
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    Help- Jump leads wrong way! audi a4

    wasnt this thread over 3 years ago? lol surely fixed by now
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    Window issue :(

    Almost certainly will be the regulator, dont buy the cheap ones off ebay as they are known for not lasting very long, there is a good video on youtube showing how to change it
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    Help! Im locked out!

    my avant has a boot lock its under where the number plate lights are
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    Audi blue tooth installed but stuck on coding

    have a look here there is some info hopefully its what you need....
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    Audi blue tooth installed but stuck on coding

    do you need to pair the phone with the unit?
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    2.5tdi V6 nozzels ? headache!!!!

    It says that 03-04 cummins cr engine nozzles will work. maybe something to go on :readit:
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    2.5tdi V6 nozzels ? headache!!!! useful info here
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    A4 B6 Valuation

    i just sold my 2001 v6 2.5 tdi for £1500, think it was to cheap as i had someone every 15mins all day ringing for it, it did have 19inch wheels and the sline kit though. we buy any car offered me 1100 and we want any car offered 1250. mine had 166k on so i would be looking to double your we buy...
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    front wiper arms

    pm sent
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    front wiper arms

    no probs il send you some pics this evening
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    front wiper arms

    i have a pair of genuine aero arms with blades that i removed from my car before i sold it. the blades are 2 years old but still worked fine and the arms are ok obviously not brand new. if your interested i will pm some photos to you. £40 the lot plus post.
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    Gearbox mount!!!

    From what i have read you need the crossmember aswell, have a look here........ MOUNT
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    Loosing water fast

    can you see any leaks when the engine is running? when i had mine done the waterpump didnt seal properly and leaked from there. it all had to come back off. if you have no leaks visible when running then it could be airlocked. i believe where the two rad pipes go into the cabin through the...
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    air bag change time..

    I sold my car yesterday after 7 years of relatively trouble free ownership but I was reading my service book and it claims that all the airbags should be replaced after 14 years. My car is a 2001 and so in theory they should have been done this year, would anyone actually do this as in the next...