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    Potential a5 coupe buy 2.0 petrol

    Oil consumption on these tfsi engines. Check the stickies and Google as its a very well known issue. I have the first of the 2.0 tfsi that don't have this issue (2012); it does use a litre/1000km, which is 'expected'. If you can, check if this car has had the piston rings sorted, or try to...
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    09 s line ride height query?

    You're right to be a cautious as it's not an exact science. If you can test fit a set of wheels and tyres, that at least gives you an idea of what gap would remain. In general, while a bigger wheel may well fill some of the arch gap, you're also lifting the car by the increase in diameter of...
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    09 s line ride height query?

    *Ride quality. I'm sure the rude quality is up to standard
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    09 s line ride height query?

    20 inch is pretty large and I will impact rude quality, so id be cognisant of that. I have 19", et 33 and they are fine, but coilovers give the flex I need. Review your current suspension set up - is may be that you want to renew then based in mileage and condition. Even if to stock s line...
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    09 s line ride height query?

    It does look to be sitting a little high for an S Line. With wheels, be careful with offset. If it's low, then you'll want to ensure you don't catch the arches. You'll have to get the car on jacks or a ramp to find a part number. Not sure that will be easy to do with an old spring (not even...
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    Rear Spring rubber mounts

    hi @desertstorm , found this very interesting post you made a few years back. I'm trying to raise the rear suspension of my A4 B8. Currently on ST X coilers and I could just do with another 10 mm increase. Two questions - appreciate it's quite a detailed requests! a) do you know if 'part...
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    For Sale Bluetooth TPMS system with internalensors

    Do these screw directly onto the existing valves? How have you found accuracy? Thanks, Raz
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    For Sale Aluminium pedal covers

    Do these for on to the factory pedals, or is it a replacement job? Also, are they for an auto box?
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    Carbon clean recommendation

    Yep that's interesting. I know the later 2.0 TFSI engines had a higher bph figure (~230? ) over mine (CDNC, 208), which may or may not be related. Torque seemed to stay sstatic though. I'd imagine carbon would still be an issue, even with port injection, given the amount of fuel sprayed on...
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    Carbon clean recommendation

    Yep very pleased with the result. I've been having misfires for months on end and to solve it took a lot of work. Constantly measuring with VCDS and getting p*ssed off with the data. Short journys over lockdown can't have helped much either. I wasn't interested in 'miracle cures' or quick...
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    Carbon clean recommendation

    Just in case this is useful for any one else. I used A1 German Cars in Stevenage. See images for the pre and post Night and day difference, all misfires solved, strong pull throughout rev range from standstill and very good service. Very happy! 2.0...
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    Carbon clean recommendation

    Can anyone recommend reputable carbon cleaners in SE England, centring around Hertfordshire. Thanks!
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    B8 saloon boot spoiler

    Have a look here
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    Fuel Injector help

    2.0 TFSI, 2012, CDNC. Trying to solve misfires; plugs, coils, compressions all good. The below images are what my Audi specialist has found with my fuel injectors. I'm being told that the filter has disappeared from these parts, which apparently stop contaminant get into the injector/cylinders...
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    Problematic S5 B8 keep or sell

    What's the mileage? Unfortunately expensive cars have expensive faults. You seem to have had bad fortune, rather than a chronic problem with a specific issue (which is better). How much carbon build was there? The optimistic view is that you have brand new injectors firing in a V8, in a car...