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    Slow wiper repair...

    And me mate ! Did it when getting the scuttle panel out , managed to break that too .
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    Side light fuse

    Ones now working with new bulb , but I replaced the bulb holder earlier in the year . Looks like I'll have to do the same with the passenger side ! Cheers for the replies
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    Side light fuse

    Hi all , both my sidelights have stopped working . Bought new bulbs but still nothing , does anyone know where the fuse is located as its not listed in the fuse box (inside) cheers !!
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    Wind deflectors

    I had the heko ones on my mkV R32 thought they were great to be honest ! Alot of people prefer the ones that don't fit in the window grooves ??
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    Unusual B6

    It's hurt my feelings !?!?!?!? Wrong on every level !
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    3.0 quattro v 1.8t quattro

    Love my 3.0 ! I do a 22 mile commute some dual carriage ways and some country lanes and I get 28 mpg bearing in mind mines an auto !
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    Price request !

    Sorry mate ! A B6 S4 !
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    Price request !

    Hi guys , I'm looking for a price for S4 grill inserts both upper and lower ! Not bothered about the chrome surround , just the plastic . Cheers stu
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    Cup holders in rear armrest. Gonna make my own..

    Knew I'd seen one somewhere !
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    Cup holders in rear armrest. Gonna make my own..

    Have I seen somewhere a cupholder in the front armrest ??? Might of been on an American forum !
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    Failed MOT !

    From jan 2012 mate ! New regs .
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    Cup holders in rear armrest. Gonna make my own..

    Me too ! Wife does nothing but whine about it !!
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    Failed MOT !

    Took the avant for the MOT today and failed on a split inner drive shaft gaiter and a tyre ! Not too bad considering it nearly a decade old ! Local Indy will be doing the gaiter on Tuesday ! Sorted a part worn tyre to get it through the re test ! Then try and find some new wheels and tyres !!
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    2004 S4 Aero wipers

    My aero blades had A4 and S4 on the box !
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    My 3.0 se avant !

    eBay specials mate ! The ones from awesome gti look good too ! I've got them on the front too !