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    Yes - That worked for me.
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    4.7 litres suggested by others and is what I poured in - I cycled through the gears as described before driving. Definately fit the filter and cover before strating the engine! Stuart
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    18-19mm ID hose is ideal for top fill method - just did it today and worked a treat with battery staying in place.
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    Cutting S3 engine cover to fit with Revo CAI - with pictures

    I used a thin slitting disc in a 4.5" angle grinder for cuts and then heat gun / soldering iron to close the area in 3rd picture using a discarded offcut and plastic welding. HTH Stuart
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    Brakes become soft

    If you also have a shaking car issue are the wheel bearings good? If there is play then you can get pad knock-off which lengthens the brake pedal.
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    Drive belt / timing belt / cam belt (help)

    “Timing belt / drive belt and water pump” will be cam belt & the water pump which is driven off the cam belt. The preventative maint sticky thread suggests 70k intervals for cam belt but there is also usually a age recommendation. There is also a cam chain at the other end of the engine that...
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    8p 400+bhp?

    The only addition to the original list I can see would be cooler spark plugs
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    Whats the sweet spot for tuning on the S3?

    I'd agree on 2+ & the fuel pump - its what I went for! But when you look at full costs vs gains across 1/2/2+ it looked most attractive.
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    What stage tuning??

    I'd agree with above - fit the indiction and exhaust now it will be ok as is but save up and then go Stage2+ in one hit and thoroughly recommend R-Tech. I would suggest get R-Tech to fit the RS4 PRV and HPFP kit when they have the car in to do the map. They are both in the same area and the PRV...
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    I have a Turbo back resonated Miltek on 8P S3 - its slightly louder than std but not intrusive at all on motorways and doesn't turn heads as being anti-social. If you've already bough a catback Miltek and fitted it then you have chosen resonated or non-res - swapping the downpipe and cat only...
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    Power, mods,specs, remapper and graphs!

    NGK BKR7EIX are a very popular choice, I am running 8's which run a little cooler with no issue even in the depths of winter - suggest you go with the advice of your engine builder / mapper.
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    Preventative Maintenance Audi S3 (BHZ & CDL)

    Sounds like a good number to have a recorded baseline / keep an eye on if you have capability to check it. Just fired up VCDS and block 93 showed -2 degrees on my engine (53k miles & no audible chain rattle).
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    anti roll bars

    Front Anti Lift Kit and Rr ARB is a good upgrade even if you change nothing else and both are easy to fit. I fitted the 24mm Whiteline ARB 7 use on the hardest setting - those 2 mods together make the car significantly more positive on turn-in and balanced. Std rear ARB is around 22mm IIRC and...
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    Aerial Amplifier wiring question - 8P S3 with RNSE

    Thanks for the suggestions, upper amp is 8p4 035 225 B which I think is different to non-B. Today I removed RNS-E checked coax continuity (all good) - put it all back in and all stations are working again! I'll see how long it stays like that and if it throws any new codes on VCDS.
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    Aerial Amplifier wiring question - 8P S3 with RNSE

    Yes factory style fabric tape on the grey connector - same as others. Thx