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    Vibration when braking

    Hi all hope you can help my 2012 a6 c7 3.0 quatro auto has developed a vibration from the o/s wheel when braking very noticeable at 20 30 mph to describe the noise and feeling its like you have a bolt stuck in your tyre. Initially I thought warped discs obviously after checking the tyre for a...
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    Coolant leaking

    You would have to at least drain the coolant below the valve or lose it.
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    Coolant leaking

    It is not that difficult a job the worst part is getting the manifold untangled from the spaghetti of wires and pipes. Mine was only leaking initially when under pressure which makes sense now as that's when the valve would be opening. Good luck . If I can help you in any way just message me
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    Coolant leaking

    Hi all New to site but have been reading to try and help me solve a similar problem. My 2012 A6 C7 3.0tdi quattro was leaking coolant into the v which gradually went from topping up every couple of months to every trip. I could strip the top of the ****** engine with my eyes closed now, I...