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    S4 Engine and RS6 turbos

    Even saving 100kgs on a track car?
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    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Roger that! Doing some research into the 1.8T thang. Had some PMs with Bill. Loving the rear wing fella.
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    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Why not simply bolt on wider arches? Wider wheels possible then too. If concerned about the DIY look - you could fill and blend them in better at a bodyshop - would look great, but everso functional too.
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    S4 Engine and RS6 turbos

    Will do ta, but engine's go for pennies on there, maybe £500. Turbos I reckon I could sell for £1200 ish. 3" DPs and 3" dual cat back - maybe £600? Looking at 1.8T & strokers... :faint: Just looking at widening the market.
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    S4 Engine and RS6 turbos

    Do you think there'd be much of a demand/market for an S4 engine c/w RS6 turbos, 3" DPs (with flanges to suit the turbos), FMIC etc? I'm thinking of a new project on my track car involving an engine swap, so the above items might be for sale. The engine would fit into the Passat, but other...
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    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Loving the rear spoiler Prawn. Where'd you get it from?
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    Looking for 1.8T Tuning Info

    I'm looking for info on an engine swap from a B5 S4 (Pre FL - 1998) for a possibly stroked 1.8T, to save further weight in my track car. Similar to the 034 TA car, but not to that level of specs/cost. Badger 5 have been recommended. Anyone else? Any links you guys can forward me for tis...
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    B5 RS4 Clutch change

    As Davey says, stock clutch is fine for c520-530 bhp. I've just fitted a Helix uprated clutch and Fidanza flywheel which is good for 600+.
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    Sorry not been on here for months!

    Sorry not been on here for months!
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    Want some big BHP!

    I assume you mean MRC ;) Milltek are over-priced but good enough. Go 2.75" dual, not single. Better still go 3" DPs and custom 3" dual catback for best results. Unless you're going to be swapping turbos, then leave the air filter alone. FMIC better than SMICs. My last mods were Stage 3...
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    RS4 B5 Exhaust

    Milltek are over-priced. Get a custom made carback - 3" dual FTW. I've had OEM, Scorpion and Milltek. Soon to have custom made...
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    Black Roof Bars

    You'd need to fill the hole first, but could vinyl over the repair to hide it. Have seen a B5 RS4 with the rails removed - looked ace. Just about to swap my B5 chrome ones for black ones too...
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    Many RS4s don't actually have one fitted. They've been removed over the years as they don't really serve a massive purpose. That said they must streamline airflow under the front of the car. Not sure also if they get taken off for servicing etc in that area of the car. I don't have one -...
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    My Ibis white B8 S4 with some mods....

    Lovely changes you've made. The S4's look far to subtle as stock. The wheels and springs make the best change. How does the zorst sound? Speak to Milltek about a set of 3" DPs - you'll release alot more power and noise and usable torque. Also a larger intercooler... Double thumbs up.
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    UPDATE RS4.(tried to update old thread but couldnt....)

    Current plans include: No sorry you'll just have to wait a week or two...! PM incoming...