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    A1 climate panel loose.

    No problems on my A1. Nicely rattle free. :icon_thumright:
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    A3/S3 Glovebox Door

    Just wanted to add a bit of feedback that the worst part of my S3 owning experience was the glove box door; so much so I had 3 different units replaced over the 6 years. Audi only seem to hold either the door plus hinge or the full assembly (door hinge plus glovebox), I never saw them replacing...
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    S3 bucket seat queries

    I had these fitted on my 3 door S3 from a while back. Yum. Your OCD needs to focus other areas too, the front seats do not contain airbags and I recall the deactivate function was omitted fitted for the front passenger nor was there any ISOFIX capability for the passenger side. I also recall...
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    Voice Activation Control .

    Hello jrloco, I wonder can you find out what the actual software version is, if it is a dealer upload or can be set by the owner under a special menu on the sat nav (perhaps?). If it is a dealer specific uploaded version can it be obtained somewhere? I am very keen to turn of my microphones in...
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    New Photos of A3 Sportback S-Line in Daytona Grey!

    Actually Audi have a neat gizmo I'm looking at for the mountain bike to go on the back as an add on carrier (page 20 can't find a UK catalogue), The A1 is the same size as the 8L A3 and Audi...
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    New Photos of A3 Sportback S-Line in Daytona Grey!

    Hello Mark, What are you currently driving? I made the switch recently from my S3 :icon_thumright: and after a visit to the Moving Motorshow (before Goodwood) sat in just about all the smaller cars there, settled on an A1. I made sure it has lots of toys to keep me content, I do miss the power...
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    Retro fit run flat indicator ?

    So to confirm your saying there is only one ABS/ESP ECU? WHich is odd as it is not what i was informed via Audi, could you please confirm this with the respective part number(s)?
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    TDI-line's Black Edition A1

    Nice car, what options did you get? Spotted Xenons (obviously with LED lights) and reverse parking sensors... I have to say I'm still not keen on the S-line bodykit, although I did like the A1 quattro bodykit (but not with the £40K and LHD) so will have to see what the S1 looks like when it...
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    Edit or delete old posts...

    Hello, I can't seem to edit an old post in the forum, is this just a permissions thing? Steve
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    A1 Quattro 2.0T 252PS Limited Edition

    So this is a little cheat by the dealer. The 'owner' was actually from Audi UK who would have placed this on the internal auction website and then the dealer in question will now have it up for sale. Why? Well because I sat in this very car at the moving motorshow this year on the day before...
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    Retro fit run flat indicator ?

    You wil need to confirm, but there are apparently 2 different ABS/ESP/EDL control units, as advised by Audi. I have a 1.6 TDI Sport and asked to have tyre warning retrofitted by the dealer when taking delivery of a nearly new car. I was informed the car had the 'wrong unit' fitted and thus...
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    our new A1 1.6 tdi

    Some more help for what its worth, 1, Ditch the sales guy and demand to deal with someone else. I did this when I ordered my second S3 in the UK, the initial guy was supposedly the 'S' salesman, but quite frankly clueless. My first S3 came from a small dealer in Germany and he was awesome. You...
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    our new A1 1.6 tdi

    Hmm, I actually hated the S-line body kit, so i went for the sport on purpose and preferred the look of the sportback over the 3 door and thats me coming from two previous S cars. I never saw the point of s-lines myself, having now had two sport models if you want an S series car go get one. ;)...
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    our new A1 1.6 tdi

    Best thing is to drive the car a little bit before jumping into a re-map. If you plan to have it for the long term (like me) I question reliability since the manufacturer factors that in and there is no way an aftermarket company can compete with that much R&D time. I moved from an S3 and...