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    A5 to S5/RS5 rear brake upgrade

    Hi guys, i recently upgraded my front brakes with a brembo BBK and i'm looking into upgrading the rear also. Been doing some research and i cant find if the S5 or RS5 rear calipers and rotors are a direct bolt on. My car is a 2014 A5 Quattro. Any information would be highly appreciated. I've...
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    A5 turbo upgrade

    Hi guys, I have a 2014 A5 Quattro with a Gen 3 2.0t TFSI engine (CNCD). It has the IHI is20 turbo and I was wondering if a is38 turbo would be a direct bolt on? Has anyone tried this? Thanks in advance.[emoji106] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
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    A5/S5 Picture Thread

    Hey guys, long time member here from Melbourne Australia. Last time I posted was probably a few years back when I had an Audi S3 living in Athens Greece. Few years ago we moved to Melbourne Australia and I bought this 2014 A5 2.0t with the Gen 3 motor. Already done a stage 1 APR tune on it...
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    A5 Sportsback from down under

    Hi guys, i've been a member of this forum for many years. A few years ago I moved from Athens Greece to Melbourne Australia and this is my 2014 Audi A5 2.0T Quattro.:icon thumright::icon thumright:
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    knocking noise when engine cold on start up.

    also, the cam chain is on the right hand side of the engine whereas the noise is coming from the side of the cam belt, that's the left hand side...
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    knocking noise when engine cold on start up.

    As you might notice in the video, it does not only do it for 1-3 seconds on start up but continues to go on. On my engine it keeps on knocking till the engine warms up and then stops.When i rev up the engine a little while cold the knocking goes faster following the revs. I noticed this summer...
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    Anti-corrosion warranty results - Please post here

    the problem is that my car was imported from Germany to Greece in 2009 but ill give it a try anyway.. Thanks
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    knocking noise when engine cold on start up.

    it sounds like it is coming from inside cylinder 1 (LHS)..
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    knocking noise when engine cold on start up.

    found this Audi 8L S3 - Startup noise when engine cold. - YouTube for a while mine has been doing the same when starting up cold then goes away when the engine warms up. Runs fine apart from that.Any ideas what it could be?Thanks
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    Anti-corrosion warranty results - Please post here

    My car is a 2002 S3, i have found some bubbling on the left and right side of the roof rails. Would this still under warranty?thanks
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    Thermostat on an S3?

    ok thanks for your help, i just finished changing the thermostat without taking the alternator out.There is enough room to get that bottom bolt out,all you need is patients and a little bit of tool working skills. ;)
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    Thermostat on an S3?

    I bought a new thermostat today,now that winter has come and the temperature has dropped the engine temp struggles to go above 60. Had a bit of a look on how to change it and its seems that there is a bolt behind the alternator that is F@k!.g impossible to get out without removing the...
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    Definitive Tyre Thread

    don’t know if I should be posting this here but my S3 needs a new set o tyres. I have come down to these 3 : Continental Sport Contact5, Dunlop sport maxx RT and Toyo R1R’s. Now the last one is more of a performance tyre than the first 2 and have read a lot of good reviews about it. I was...
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    Fastest S3 with R32 turbo engine..

    hey guys, check this S3 out S3 0-400 Tune 2 Race drag tympaki - YouTube ;)
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    So i have sold the S3 for parts and got a new motor

    nice ride,the only thing its does not have imo is build quality, apart from that with a good suspension it would out run "almost" any Audi in its category.. ;)