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    Sat Nav options other than OEM, what do you have
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    Sat Nav options other than OEM, what do you have

    IMO it's one if the easiest nav apps to use. We like to help out fellow Wazers around us by reporting accidents, heavy traffic, hazards, cars stopped on road/shoulder, mobile police cameras etc. with a couple of taps on the screen or hold your hand in front of the screen to do the same with...
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    Phone holders

    Got one of these for my wife build quality is excellent and the mechanism to lock it into your cup holder really is very good. Fits perfect in her BMW cup holders, not tried it in my 8V. Got mine in an Apple retail store. Fits my 6+ just fine too.
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    Sline 2.0tdi mpg issues

    My 3 month old 184 quattro is giving me around 40mpg avg, mainly 45 minute journeys motorway driving (although not always at motorway speeds). Best I've seen on the DIS is 54mpg avg with little traffic and driving with a very very light foot at around 60mph. I've tried the climate on "eco"...
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    Stop-Start Poll

    I notice some people say they can "control" the start/stop by careful fettling of the brake pedal, but my 3 month old 184 TDI quattro actually stops the engine while the car is still moving. I'm carefully feathering the brake pedal coming up to a junction or traffic lights, still moving forward...
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    Air Vent Magnet Phone Holder for 8V

    I'm a big fan of the QuadLock case ( and mounts, if you don't mind a windscreen suction mount. A single twist and it's secured, simple to attach and remove with one hand in the car. And if you're a cyclist or runner, they have excellent mounts for that too :-)
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    Tdi delivery times

    Same here. I ordered a 2.0TDI 184 Quattro S-Tronic back in May and was originally told build week 30 (mid July) for delivery mid August. Week 30 came and I got a call saying that my car had been pushed out 8 weeks due to "a restriction on the engine" - dealer had no idea what that actually...
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    What would you do.... if you were me - S3 18" Alloys

    My wife had exactly the same issue on her BMW. 3 of her 19" M-Sport Alloys (diamond cut too as it happens) started to corrode near the centre after just 15 months with no kerbing, no scratches and no acid based cleaner ever used on them. She mentioned it to the service manager during a...
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    BW30 pushed to BW38 due to "restriction on engine"

    So, on May 20th I took the plunge (after considering a 120d M-Sport) and placed an order for a spanking new A3 Sportback 2.0TDI 184PS Quattro S-Line S-Tronic. Over three weeks later I was given build week 30, not too bad I thought, should have it by mid August. Build week 30 arrived and I got...
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    Pictures of my new car

    If you have lived/worked outside Ireland for 12 months (or more) and owned the car for 6 months (or more), you can apply for a Transfer of Residence exemption and have no VRT to pay, however, you can't sell the car for a period of 12 months after receiving the exemption.
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    Current: 2009 Audi A3 2.0TDi 140CR Sportback S-Line S-Tronic

    Current: 2009 Audi A3 2.0TDi 140CR Sportback S-Line S-Tronic
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    Post your rattles (and fixes)

    You've managed to describe exactly the same rattle I have. It's definitely passenger side, but I can't seem to pinpoint exactly where yet. Need to do some more investigation at the weekend I think :think:
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    DSG Mechatronic Replacement

    I had the same thing happen to me about a month ago. Within 3 days of buying an ex-demo (2500 miles on the clock) A3 2.0TDI 140 DSG, I got the flashing PRNDS on the display. I was travelling at 60mph on the outside lane of a motorway and suddenly, no drive, it was like the gearbox had gone...