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    Front shocks

    Hi people where can i get cheap front shock absorbers for 2011 RS5, main dealer wants £1,200 Lol, cheers.
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    No phone installed

    The mileage was 44,400 the clutch pack was slipping too!, i spoke to the transmission specialist about the wiring pack on the mechatronics and he said he don't do it, i suppose he don't want come backs!, on another subject the inlet flaps have gone now on both banks £1,400 for them, still...
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    No phone installed

    Yes mate just as you said, with a 12,000 mile warranty, cost of works was £4,000 Cheers for the advice will get it checked out.
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    No phone installed

    Hi had my gearbox reconditioned on my 2010 RS5 and now have no phone!, the mmi is saying it's not installed, any ideas? Cheers.