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    Aftermarket S3 Exhaust Tips?

    I just went out to the car and gave the first tip a good pull and off it came! didn't realise it would be that easy.
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    what wheels are you running?

    I run mine a little lower than recommended at 39 front and 36 rear.
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    S3 aftermarket exhausts compilation

    The Milltek uses the valve motors from the stock exhaust, and the valve operation is identical to the standard system. :yes:
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    S3 - Glasgow mechanics

    Might be a bit out the way, but I went from Lanark to Star Performance in Kirkaldy to get my coilovers fitted. Well worth the trip, first class service from a proper enthusiast that really seems to care about his work (rare these days) and pretty reasonable (I thought) at £200 inc VAT and 4...
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    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    Cheers for that Dan, I'll get mine updated asap now. Has it cured the jerkiness in 'S' mode? Ta
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    Anyone doing anything special fur the bells

    Right back at ya Jassy. :salute:
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    Anyone doing anything special fur the bells

    Too few I'm thinking. Lovin' the Frank by the way....... :footy:
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    Anyone doing anything special fur the bells

    Glad to see it's not just me that's being kept in tonight, have a great night one and all!
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    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    Can I ask what the problem is? My kick down is inconsistent and jerky if being driven hard in 'S'; I've spoken to my APR dealer, and they weren't aware of anyone else experiencing this problem. Cheers
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    Coilovers for the 8V

    They do make a massive transformation, a quality upgrade indeed!! :smiley::smiley:
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    No point to this thread.... Just saying I still love my S3

    Can't recommend one enough, have one as a project car, refurb the rims and a new tailpipe in the spring and it'll be finished. It's an absolute hoot!! Thread hijack over :grinning::grinning:......
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    Induction kits what one to get

    This is odd, I don't notice any real noise difference at all (even driving with the window down) - is most of the turbo noise on these cars not muted by the muffler on the turbo? I'm not sure any other closed intake would be any quieter, but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable could confirm...
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    Induction kits what one to get

    Should be underneath Rob - Oops :grinning:
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    Induction kits what one to get

    Just tried to upload a couple, seems to be a problem with the server, I'm getting a general error message saying 'there was a problem uploading your file', with no explanation. It's not the usual one you get if the file's too large. Will try again later. :grinning: