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    Recommendations for full respray? Car's been keyed :(

    This is sickening - where about's are you?
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    Occasional Limp Mode

    My father in law changed them as it was a quick, easy job. Does anybody in the midlands (near coventry) have VCDS that could scan this for me?
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    Occasional Limp Mode

    Hi all, Not sure if anyone can help: Last week we were driving along in my wife's 2010 A3 2.0TDI 140BHP convertible when all of a sudden it went into limp mode with the glow plug warning light flashing, once I turned it off and back on the car was fine but we've had the glow plugs changed now...
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    Armrest pull tab/catch

    I've owned 3 Audi's to date and managed to break every single one.... on my last A3 my missis broke it on the way home from buying the car, not happy to say the least. Please let me know how you get on as i've never looked into getting this fixed, just made do with it if i'm honest, Audi did...
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    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    Gutted... looks like these may not work on my 60 plate :(
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    New wheels

    Is it possible you could DM me with figures? Also, how do I know if bluetooth is fitted or not? Tried searching but doesn't seem to pick anything up so guessing it hasn't. Any suggestions on cheaper/worthy installs/mods?
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    New wheels

    Hi all, I sold my 59 plate BE SB a couple weeks ago and brought a 60 plate BE 3 door this weekend, without having to bore anyone what sort of relativity easy mods can I do that don't cost the earth? Ideally would like to look at folding mirrors or leaving/coming home lights but what would...
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    I hope this guy isn't a member of ASN - Audi Driver and cyclist dispute

    Cyclist deserved it in mu opinion, both at fault but if your going to give it some like he did, you got to be prepared to follow it up!
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    Top Gear's Back!!

    Top Gear is Top Gear, its never going to be a serious car review show, it never has been, its always been about the three musketeers and what crazy, stupid and sometimes idiotic challenges/races it can think of. The quadski is something I would love to own, granted being in the Midlands I might...
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    Wife's new whip...

    Not being under thumb, its being tactical - get her this now and come the summer i'd chop my 59 plate BE in for a new model, happy wife happy home!
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    Wife's new whip...

    Thanks Sandra - she sure is!
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    Wife's new whip...

    Sorry about the pics - first time doing a post with pics!
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    Wife's new whip...

    Hi all After just over 12 months of car sharing, I decided this weekend it was time the wife had her own car. She's always liked the A3 convertible's, not my cup of tea but that's what she wants and me being me, she had to have a black edition for the spec! Let me know what you guys think!
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    want cheap car mats!!

    Voucher still works - just ordered some new mats for my A3 SB for under £12! Happy with that and was in desperate need of some... Cheers