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    b8.5 s4 vs mk7 golf r vs s3 8v

    Cant speak about the S4, but I had an 8V S3 which I adored, later I had a Golf R 7.5 which was sadly a much better car dynamically and more fun to drive.
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    Council fine advice (falsely accused)

    Get a personal plate or ask DVLA to change your current reg number.
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    Broken propshaft centre

    Sadly you cant trust your pride and joy to just any one. Always make sure that they are used to working on your specific model. I do hope you get it fixed.
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    MMI crashed today!

    Can you imagine if this thing was driving your car and this happened. Are we really ready for autonomous driving?
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    Fifth Gear - Hot Hatch Shootout - inc Audi S3

    I thought I'd better check this out after I watched the programme. It's always been a fact that in general the motoring press arent particularly fond of the S3 handling. So having been on here for many many years I knew what the responses on the frum would be. Since I sold my S3 which I kept for...
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    Advice for getting the best price?

    Seriously think about a bank loan rather than either HP or PCP, at least you own the car and can sell should the need arise. Many PCP customers are finding it very difficult if they need to cancel the contract early.
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    Recently remapped 1.6 tdi engine, anyone else had this done ?

    I would worry about the TD1 flag, I hope you don't have any engine or transmission issues. You may also have a problem selling the car. Particularly through an Audi dealership.
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    Wiper judder after GTechniq glass treatment

    Sadly a common problem. I've personally not come across a fix.
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    Detailing advice

    Be wary, it's dead easy mate, just buy a polisher get some stuff and you're there.................. Just not so I'm afraid. Get on detailing world have a look, pick up some knowledge by watching a DA machine being used on youtube. Or get an experienced detailer round to do some of your car...
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    Another attempted S3 theft...

    For goodness sake, get a house alarm fitted, one that you can set zones on so you can set it at night and at least stick a Disklok on the car.
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    Ghost immobiliser

    It seems to be the security devise of choice for those with Focus RS's, highly recommended.
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    Preparation work on new car prior to applying Gtechniq

    Probably too late, but don't let the dealer clean or use polish on the car as any residue will increase the chances that the Serum Light wont adhere as well as it should. Always use an iron decontaminate on the paint. Think it's not needed? See the picture of my new car after using some....
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    Wheel Cleaner That Works

    Try using Mukoff, it wont affect plated fasteners and calipers like most wheel cleaners, it wont take the gloss off the paint either. Put it in a hand sprayer and spray the wheels, let it soak in and then agitate with a good quality wheel cleaning brush. The trick is to do it little and often...
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    For those that did not choose CCB (Carbon Ceramic Brakes)

    Surely this will not work? as rear loading is much lighter and the discs wont get hot enough for any benefit? Just my thoughts, I'm often wrong, so my wife tells me.
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    Facelift S3 Brakes slam on when driving

    My understanding is that cruise control slowing the car down does not affect the position of the brake pedal. But whether or not the car is a liability, an incident could prove to be fatal. It's now at the point where you MUST reject the car and flatly refuse to ever drive it again. But as you...