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    Introduce a mandatory prison sentence for vehicle theft

    +1 ^^ Also make it pay per view with the funds going into the service...
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    Introduce a mandatory prison sentence for vehicle theft

    The only thing to bear in mind is that the prisons are full...
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    SIM card for Google maps

    I use this to good effect.
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    Clicking/Clunk noise when accelerating

    I've had a listen in mine with the windows down and i can't hear anything notable.
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    DSG Issue ?

    Hi, no never use the hh, it's not as aggressive as the hh just feels like the torque converter is struggling or needs calibration (I know)
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    DSG Issue ?

    Having come from the 8sp ZF box this is relatively new to me, although my wife has a new DSG Golf I'm reasonable au fait with the characteristics of the box. When I'm facing up a slight incline I cannot get the car to 'creep' forward unless I take my foot right off the brake. Bit difficult to...
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    2015 MMI Touch issue

    When I have been listening to the radio, turn the car off and then get back in the MMI won't remember and will play a random track from the Jukebox? I have the car booked into Audi for a couple of other bits and have asked them to check but just wondered if anybody had the same issue , only...
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    Just purchased an A7 Quattro Sline Black Edition 66 plate

    The issue is they glaze the **** out of them so it often takes 3-4 washes to show.
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    Epic thread and fantastic workmanship, I can't help but wonder about the legitimacy of all the parts for sale on eBay and the like.
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    Facelift Bad service experience

    Welcome to the world of approved dealers (of any marque I may add) this is why my cars only go to a local indi, I like to deal with the guy with the spanner in his hand.
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    New to Audi and am I just being paranoid ?

    Not just me then, the box is silky smooth but I was going to ask the dealer to check it due to the lag from D to R and also I find it difficult (not impossible) to creep slowly in traffic, take the foot off the brake and it wants to creep at c5mph start to brake and I feel it's looking to...
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    Well that wasn't part of the plan... Cars been hit

    Driving too fast? only if you were in reverse!
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    Few questions, new owner.

    Audi have a fixed price of £1.50 per litre including labour to do this, I bought 2 x 20l drums from the local VW dealership and did it myself (I also bought the adaptor for c£9 which is not really needed and in fact I think it slows down the filling)...
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    Clicking/Clunk noise when accelerating

    Never heard of the ABS thing and never noticed it on mine tbf, maybe brake binding, driveshaft ? I'll have a play later and let you know. My BMW did it ever so slightly when you tapped the brake for the first time slowing, I was told it was some slight movement in the pads, I sold it before...
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    Tyre Wall Thickness for Continental Tyres

    Mines just visible @ 7 o'clock, but again no mention of it in the report either.