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    Windscreen Wipers

    bosch which is quality and value foro money from ebay anyday
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    ctek mxs 5.0 charger query

    but hand book advises not to charge directy at battery. advises charge via jump lead points in engine bay i just want to know if anyone had some first hand experience of using engine bay charging points wit ctek mxs5.0
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    ctek mxs 5.0 charger query

    can i use the above charger on 2010 audi a4 tdi with the car battery cables still connected to the battery ? i want to charge the battery via the the positive and negative jump start points in the engine bay compartment
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    'service due' on dash

    did this work for you?
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    Service inspection reset

    did you figure out how to do this service reset?
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    AUDI A4 front brake pads ??

    the car is a 2010 AUDI A4 2.0tdi se technik. does one need vcds to change the front pads? it has an electronic handbrake on th rear,so iam i right i will need vcds whe replacing the rear pads?
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    strange drumming noise?

    did alternator bearings cause a drumming sound in the older diesel audis? (i do know from personal experience that in the older vw 1.9tdis it caused a different sort of sound-(high pitched) when the bearing failed)
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    strange drumming noise?

    :uhm:the car is 2010 audi a4 2.0 tdise technik.with with 40k on the clock i noticed this strnage drumming noise coming from the engine while it is idling. is this normal or is it some sort of pump ? i tried locating the source of thse drumming with a stethoscope but could not hear it where it...
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    Replace battery in key fob

    this shows how yto replace the battery Audi A4 replace battery remote radio control key fob / Schlüssel Fernbedienung Batterie wechseln - YouTube
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    audi a4 workshop manual?

    i am looking to buy this worshop manual- is it any good?
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    engine oil capacity?

    would you mind sharing roughly how much it cost from vw for the passat one?
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    engine oil capacity?

    my car does not have a dipstick.
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    engine oil capacity?

    the car is a 2010 audi A4 2.0TDie Technik with a 100KW 136 BHP engine .It has stop start. what is the engine oil capacity when doing doing an oil service with oil filter and oil change?. the owners manual only quotes the oil capacity for a 105 KW 142BHP engine which is not my engine and says...
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    audi a4 2.0tdi oil dipstick cap reoval??

    i decided to do an oil service today i removed the oil filter housing using a 32 mm socket-that was staightforward-was surprised however to see that genuine audi filter was one made by purflux and had an audi part number stamped on it. however i was shocked and somewhat disappointed that when i...
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    Wiper Blades

    i would go for bosch superplus ones from eurocarparts