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    Which Tyres are best for S3 ? (again)

    Hi Ppl, This question has probably been answered a few times before (but can't find any latest answers). I need two new front tyres and have a few questions: 1) Is it best to put new tyres on rear of car and move rears forward? Or with AWD does it not really matter? Still assume that most...
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    Surprise finding with the RNS-E ! Neat little trick!

    Good idea! That auto-volume thing (and hiss) is driving me so mad I wanna sell the car and go back to BMW! lol
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    Small 'niggles' on S3

    Sorted this one out! - see my thread -
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    Surprise finding with the RNS-E ! Neat little trick!

    I was thinking the other day why some people's screens start up on sat-nav, some on radio etc. and from a previous thread found out that there's no way to change it. So I was fiddling with the RNS-E the other day and found that there is a way (and apologies if most ppl know this or if it's in...
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    Small 'niggles' on S3

    Hi S3Alex...sorry for the VERY late reply...I've heard about Sled Driver...doesn't it cost quite a bit now as only special editions available? Would love a copy tho!
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    Quick question about fuel cap

    I have a question about the fuel cap. Mine is attached to the car however there isn't a place to hold it when it's off, it just dangles. It looks like there is something on the inside of the fuel cap door although it looks like it may have sheared off..can anyone please take a phot of theirs...
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    Small 'niggles' on S3

    Thanks for great replies guys...durrrr, auto function for aircon worked a treat...and why the hell are those cup holders there ? Ie under armrest...still, the auto-vol and non-auto lights and always manually having to change RNS-E screen on startup are my biggest bugbear! 8)
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    Anyone with Shark or AMD/Revo S3 remap in Berkshire?

    I'm also looking to get a remap guys..sorry to go off thread a bit but do insurance companies charge more for remaps?
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    Small 'niggles' on S3

    Hi Everyone, I'm a bit of a newbie to this forum, having just come from a 3-door fully-loaded BMW to a more practical 5-door S3. Overall impression is that I love driving it however there are a few minor niggles inside the car (which I think BMW might be better at) and I was wondering if these...
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    What RNS-E Unit to get?

    Thanks! Well, the dealer of the car I'm interested in said that there is voice control for the phone. So that means it does have SDS, however from what I understand it could just be phone SDS and not full SDS? Sorry for all the q's on here, I'm also a newbie. 8-)
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    What RNS-E Unit to get?

    Do you know if the 2010 S3's (RNS-E mk2) come with SDS High...and if not what is the cost to upgrade them? Cheers.
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    RNS-E mk1 vs mk2 ?

    Anyone know what year they changed the MK1 to a MK2 ? Been looking online at A3's and S3's from March 2010 ->> which have Sat Nav but not sure if these have the newer or older models. Thanks.
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    GAP Insurance

    Surf and Protect website down at the moment. David, any response please?
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    Sound Bars

    Orbitsound T12v3. Sounds fantastic and has great reviews too! Around £290. Highly recommended!