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    Anybody near Glasgow

    machine3006 I stupidly left the obdeleven dongle in your car when we'd finished. Could you drop it off?
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    2.0 Tfsi fuel consumption

    After 10k, the long term fuel consumption (not been reset since 1k) is 39.8mpg. I confirmed it's accurate by comparing the short term consumption with the old fashioned refilling to the brim method. This is on the 190PS engine with mostly motorway mileage in Eco mode. I'm very happy with this...
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    Replacing steering wheel buttons

    Thanks Berrrtie for the tip on the skipping with the volume control button, I hadn't realised it was a joystick. davidblr, that's great news that the buttons are a direct swap with no coding. I think I'll pick up a set just in case. The workshop manual is unlikely to do down to that level of...
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    Replacing steering wheel buttons

    I'm really interested to see how you get on with this. The wife wanted the flat bottom wheel on her S-line, I baulked at the £300 cost for what I thought was the same wheel with a flat bottom so I didn't spec it. I now know that the S-line standard wheel has only a basic set of buttons...
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    Winter tyres?

    Got my B8 18" alloys refurbished in graphite last week and refitted them. What a difference. Before it was slipping and sliding all over the car park it's pictured in below. Afterwards I couldn't get TC or ABS to activate. I got the centre caps sprayed gloss black, really happy with the result...
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    Audi Connect - 3 Months Trail Expired

    I picked up my car in June, nearly 5 months on Audi Connect is still active. I didn't have to call CS to get it extended. However one query I have is if I install a 4G data SIM will I get the Wifi hotspot function? and will Google Earth continue to use the built in SIM or my data SIM? Pete
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    Filler cap not unlocking

    I emailed Audi Customer Services on Tuesday evening after getting nowhere with @AudiUKCare twitter account (they obviously don't) and Audi Assist (aka The AA). So far no response to my email, I guess they think I'm making a mountain out molehill. To be honest, the dealer network and the Audi UK...
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    Filler cap not unlocking

    Update: so, I tried the emergency release in the boot that's not working either. The wife took it to the dealer (it's her car) who confirmed the latch has broken. They removed the it and seemed think this was an acceptable fix until they can look at it at the first available appointment in two...
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    Filler cap not unlocking

    Twice now I've gone to fill up the wife's 2.0TFSi and the filler flap wouldn't unlock. I looked in the manual in case I'd missed something especially since it's an S-tronic (parking brake on, gearbox in park, etc). All the doors unlocked no problem. After a bit of lock/unlock faffing it did...
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    MyAudi Destinations from App to MMI

    What a faff. I tried this last week, got to the car, nada. These apps should be seamless, enter into the app (or pull from Google) job done. The Android Auto apps although not faultless are infinitely better, I can see Audi dumping their half baked solutions soon. Peter
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    Audi Connect e-sim vs PAYG data

    +1 I'd like to know this too. Pete
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    SD Card Satellite Navigation Map Updates

    Indeed, I for one am happy there's people who happily join the back of tailbacks they could easily avoid :) Makes the alternate routes that Waze suggests much quieter. Pete
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    SD Card Satellite Navigation Map Updates

    Who actually uses Audi Nav? Google Maps through Android Auto and Google Earth through Audi connect (while I still have the trial) are both much, much better. Once Waze is supported through Android Auto it's game over for those too. Pete
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    Embedded Sim fail

    I've got the basic MMI Navigation (no tech pack) with Audi Connect working on the 3 months eval. Works ok but I keep having to accept the service agreement every time I use it (!). If I use a Three 12Gb data SIM (tethering allowed) in the MMI SIM slot, what do I gain/lose compared to the...
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    Post your B9 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    I have an genuine Audi "Ultra" silver badge commonly seen on TFSI or TDI models. I bought two on Ebay but I only need one. Still sealed in the Audi parts bag. £10. Peter