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    Cam belt change costs?

    The two Audi dealers near here were charging £515 and £495 respectively. Surprised the independent place is only £40 less, will go with them anyway as they've always been reliable before.
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    Cam belt change costs?

    My 2.8Q is due for the first cam belt change, about to hit 60k and 8 years old. The garage I normally get it serviced at (independent, but not an audi specialist) has quoted £452, including the tensioners etc, as well as the water pump. Does that sound reasonable, bearing in mind it's the...
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    How long should 2.8 / quattro system last?

    My 99 A4 V6 quattro has only done 60k so should have years of use left! Unfortunately at 24mpg they may still be expensive years ...
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    concert stereo

    Same here - was going to ask about it but seeing as it's already been posted ... :) On mine on cold mornings, the volume sounds ok to start with, maybe a bit quiet, then the first time I adjust it, even one notch, it shoots up to a seriously loud level, with me scrabbling to turn it back down...
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    Water leaking into footwells

    Still some water getting in, after taking the pollen filter off for a better look think I've found where it's from. There's actually a hole in the metal, just below the bonnet hinge on the passenger side, which would be right above where the water is accumulating in the front passenger footwell...
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    Water getting in..

    I noticed water in that well last winter, and on the carpet too. It was probably less than 10mm though, maybe 5. Was worried there was a leak and spent ages taking everything out from the boot and drying it all out, eventually it stayed dry so there can't have been an actual leak. I did...
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    Water leaking into footwells

    Probably is a battery overflow pipe, the battery was replaced last year. I found this site about clearing the drainholes on Passats, it looks almost identical to the A4 (although I got my battery out without removing the cable they mention):
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    Water leaking into footwells

    I'll try the heated screwdriver trick - I was ok this time using a blade screwdriver and pushing hard enough for it to dig into the plastic, but wouldn't want to try it again. I think those bits of plastic have been broken off in the past and had just fallen down behind the battery. Where...
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    Water leaking into footwells

    Thanks for the advice, I took off the trim and took out the battery, plenty of cack down there, including several handfuls of near compost and bits of glass which were probably from a broken windscreen long before I had the car. There wasn't actually anything blocking that drainhole, but...
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    Water leaking into footwells

    Hi, recently I've had water leaking into the passenger side footwells, mainly in the front but sometimes at the back too, seems to be coming through air vents etc. It's only happened after rain so I'm sure it's not a coolant leak, and I think it's probably caused by blocked drainholes. Which...
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    Front Wiper Mechanism

    If it packs in again next time it rains I'll add the AA to my hate list, but so far so good. Getting the wipers off and taking the linkage apart was pretty easy, only took couple of minutes and no need to move ECU. The spindle wasn't budging until it got the oil inside the body, don't know if...
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    Front Wiper Mechanism

    My wipers have same problem, they'd been going slowly for months, almost grinding to a halt, but usually started working ok after being used for a while, and squirting WD40 into the area seemed to help a bit. Bit random as it could be ok for days then an hour later it would be juddery. Then...
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    Replace headlight on facelifted A4?

    One of the headlights on my facelifted 99 A4 has gone, it's the dipped one, can anyone confirm if it's a xenon headlight? And if so how much would a new bulb cost and how easy is it to fit it myself? Thanks
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    Put the 17s back on.

    Soupie, what PSI do you use for those 17" wheels and were they the standard ones on 1.8TQ? My 2.8Q also has them and have always wondered where they were from originally, only had the car couple of years. Thanks
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    Tyre Pressures

    The fuel flap only has pressures for 15" and 16" tyres, and mine has 225/45/R17s (10 spoke audi ones that may have been option for an A6 but not standard kit on A4). I've heard a variety of recommended PSIs from 32-36 and they seem to be ok when I leave them at 34, but does anyone know the right...