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    Coil Spring Seat

    Dealer has identifed wear on OSR lower coil spring seat. The car is a B9 S-line Avant 2016. Anyone else heard of this as a problem?
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    Q4 e-tron fully unveiled

    Doesn t look like they are offering Adaptive Cruise on this in the UK? Seems strange for this market.
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    2019 Maps...

    My 16 plate car with Tech pack maps has run out of free updates. My local dealer tells me it’s £220 a time and a visit to the dealer to get the maps updated. Android Auto for me in future.
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    1 second of whining with gear change auto & manual

    Hi, I had something that started like this and then got to the stage where the noise would run for 5s or more some days. It would never do it when it was in the dealers. In the end I left it at the dealers one night and went out with a service tech next morning and we got it to happen. They...
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    Urgent help. Suspension lower on one side

    Check the shipping blocks have been removed on both sides?
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    Strange times on SatNav routing

    Over the weekend I put in a route into the New Forest. The estimated time was way to high for the route which ended in a campsite. A mile from the end the MMI was estimating 30 minutes. left. In the last few hundred yards the time counted down a a few minutes every few yards. I guess the...
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    Bluetooth & Phone Connection

    Did you get a solution to this. My Android Auto bluetooth breaks if I turn off the ignition with phone plugged in. I can duplicate the issue every tie now with both Sony and Samsung phones.
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    2.0 Tfsi fuel consumption

    My Tfsi 2.0 Quattro has averaged 33mpg over 18 months of ownership. A mix of mostly short commutes and longer (200 miles ) motorway runs.
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    Service - any known fixes to ask for?

    @cuke2u - I can see the option in the MMI and even adjust the volume of the warning. But it doesn't work if I leave a USB connected phone in the car. I have a friend with an A3 and it works OK in that with the same settings. I've seen more suggestions that the A4 only works if you have a Qi...
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    Service - any known fixes to ask for?

    @holly35 - Yes the black plastic trim either side of the rear window on an Avant.
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    Service - any known fixes to ask for?

    Hi, My '16 plate Avant is in for it's first service next week. Are there any fixes I should get checked while it's in? Has anyone had the MMI brightness flicker fixed? Missing warning that a phone is left plugged in to USB when you leave the car? Works great in a '17 plate A3 with phone...
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    Downloading Map updates to SD Card

    You need java on your computer to run the jnlp file. see The jnlp file kicks off the Audi download program. In the download program you tell it where your SD card is for the download. Note the files hiave to be in the root of the SD card. Easiest to have an empty...
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    Strange Noise

    It happens both on braking and accelerating. Interesting idea about the auxiliary pump. It's a petrol so not sure if they have aux heaters?
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    Strange Noise

    I've been plagued by a strange whine from the car. Mostly when it's cold at low speed. It sounds like a pump or motor running. Sometimes it runs for a second and other times it runs for a minute. It only happens when its cold. I found a US forum post that has the same symptom. Has anyone in...
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    Campaign 66I9

    Mine was wobbly but it went into Southampton Audi and now it's rock solid. Was told not to wash the car for a couple of days afterwards.