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    Will 7.5J R18 ET40 rims fit my S Line Quattro?

    I think he is outside the UK where other names of models exist.
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    Will 7.5J R18 ET40 rims fit my S Line Quattro?

    They will probably rub on the arch lips with ET40, ET43 or 45 are just right.
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    The forever car

    Had a 205 GTI for a couple of years, I just bought it to restore and sell on. Drove it for a year and was fun but have other projects. .
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    My first A3

    It’s cheap So a good project to get your teeth into. Audi parts are expensive so good used parts will make it worthwhile. Before you throw too much money at it, find the engine code and check out threads relating to it, there’s some horror stories for certain engines.
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    Ticking noise 1.8tfsi

    What year of car do you have? Ticking could be timing chain or HPFP if you have E888 engine commonly called a TSi. I have the 2.0litre version and changed the complete chain kit and tensioner at 42000 miles as a precaution. lots of these engines across VW, Skoda, SEAT have self destructed...
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    Vortex exhausts

    It took a long time but Vortex staff ended up in prison for fraud.
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    A3 TFSI MPGs - what is yours?

    If yours is a Quattro version then mpg is bad but not as low as 21.
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    New member/2.0 tfsi ccza engine code

    I don’t know any part numbers but if you source them from a reliable parts supplier, such as Audi or TPS, they will be the latest revisions. Trying to buy them cheap from EBay is not where I would buy them. Your chosen repairer should tell you where he buys his parts.
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    I need to gain entry but my battery is dead HELP needed please

    If you can’t get to the starter motor terminal, breaking the door glass is the cheapest way in.
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    New member/2.0 tfsi ccza engine code

    So what about your cylinder head? Are the valves bent, pistons damaged, valve guides damaged. I’m not sure about a ratcheted tensioner, never heard of that.
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    Audi a3 8pa 2009 reg

    Keep the Oe filter, Upgrades do nothing but lighten your wallet.
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    Wiper Arms parked down further when ingition switch off

    Use a proper penetrating oil and wiper puller. When you refit the arms give the splines a coating of copper grease, they’ll never seize again.
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    Audio help

    I would buy an EV if I regularly drive into London or any other city. Cheaper to run anyway.
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    Recommendations for a bodyshop

    Probably cost more than the car is worth, £2k to £4k is typical depending how good the result. There must be a few good painters in Kent, visit them for a quote and see their work.