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    Help Please Audi a4 b8 2.0 tfsi MUCH HELP NEEDED!

    This is serious, Need to have the sump off and find out what is wearing, usually crank bearings. Most probably down to lack of oil changes and oil pick up pipe sludged up
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    Scraping Rear Arch Liner

    It’s a hazard of big wheels and low suspension lol. Find out where it’s rubbing first, wheel arch liner or lip then you’ll know what to do. I would just raise the ride height, much easier.
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    Tuning potential

    Need the Quattro version to use all the extra power. I have stage 1 E888 TSI with 249bhp and you can use all the power all the time with 4WD. It’s just a daily driver car for the wife, I think it’s great, best all round car I’ve ever had.
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    Looking to maybe swap

    Diesel? They are cheaper to buy these days due to the Emission Control Regions popping up all over the country so be careful when you plan to drive. You’ll be disappointed with the performance after driving a mapped S3, guaranteed.
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    Help!?! Wet drivers fotwell maybe causing battery drain

    Remove the lower dash panels, with a bright torch look up into the dash area for water marks and try and trace back to the source of the leak. It’s either the windscreen leaking or coolant from heater matrix, it would help if can narrow down to coolant or water.
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    2011 A3 12V switched power in dome light for rearview camera screen

    I powered my camera from the rear wiper motor in the hatch.
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    Handbrake adjustment

    Makes sense. I’ll try and remember to have a look at mine in the morning.
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    Climate control lights

    No idea but either the climatronic is faulty or water has entered the unit or wiring crushed behind. You’ll need to take out the Climatronic out and investigate for water behind there, if wires are crushed then the lights may go out when you release it. when you do take it out take a photo...
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    Handbrake adjustment

    I seem to recall mine wasn’t bent as much as that but yeah, callipers need sorting first.
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    Handbrake adjustment

    Looks like balance bar between the two threaded bars is bent. Even so, if the rear brake is binding, that will need fixing first.
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    A3 8P 2.0T FSI Coolant temperature problem

    A3’s do seem to take longer than usual to warm up and at -10c doesn’t help much either. Have you checked the heater matrix is actually getting hot at anytime in the past? Maybe time for a new heater core as your is 15 years old now. Scale, sludge and rust particles do tend to collect in the...
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    Might be charged with customs duty soon so don’t be surprised. I use The main dealer or eurocarparts for 95% of car parts I buy, just can’t be ***** on waiting for stuff or having to post back wrong parts. If anything breaks I usually manage to pick up the parts and fit the same day, wife...
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    Bkd rear calliper binding

    If you find the product code, Eurocarparts list them in the Will It Fit info.
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    Bkd rear calliper binding

    One of my fronts was binding a few weeks ago, so changed both, bought from Eurocarparts. If not the sliders sticking it will be rust on the pistons, water gets under the rubber seals if they are torn or loose.
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    Reversing camera

    Powered mine from the wiper motor, used a meter to test for the ignition on wire, forgot the colour was a while ago I fitted one. I run the cable through the wiring gaiter by the left hand hatch hinge, tucked under the headlong, down the A post, above the glovebox and through large whole for...