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    What have you done today?

    Finally got round to doing some banger maintenance, changed my s2000 filter for a new one, needed filing to fit and serviced my forge 007p but should of worn gloves when doing so. Merry Xmas all.
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    Standard spring differences (rears)

    Replaced my rear springs for Mot with kyb ones from Ecp they were not the 2 silver dot replacement but the ones for sport suspension they are about 20mm lower but looks good. Replaced shocks also but went for the kyb replacements on Ecp. Feels ok need to get front done now.
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    Really low front suspension.

    What make shocks did you buy as I just bought some rear ones with coils from Ecp myself and getting them fitted tomorrow bit worried now.
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    2 questions on tuned S3 performance, top speed effect and max power on std rods

    Great vid Sam, This is exactly the sort of info I was looking to find out. By any chance have you gps verified how accurate the speedo is? Anyone else for reference? I wanted to know how much power is needed for a comfortable 160+mph so if I do go Germany I would have more than the 155 mph My...
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    2 questions on tuned S3 performance, top speed effect and max power on std rods

    Hi guys, First of all sorry for this post and apologies for anyone who thinks its chavvy, i'm a nutcase or should have searched the forum more :grinning: I'm interested on the effect more power has on our cars top speed. Its easier talk about 1/4 miles and record them, just wondered what the...
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    What have you done today?

    Today, I started drinking early and with good consequence, merry belated xmas and happy new year everyone.
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    Draining and flushing coolant system......

    Sorry stupid question, when refilling coolant, am I doing this through the coolant bottle or should I take off the top rad hose and fill? cant see a radiator cap and have a small leak atm.
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    S3 8L FMIC - Intercooler fitment???

    Keep toying with the idea of a fmic and saw this kit ages ago just the price vs an eBay kit but would prefer something which would need no trimming to fit the bumper/fogs without too much hassle. Never liked the idea of cutting the crash bar also.
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    New headunit

    That headunit may not fit our cars If it's made as a direct swap for the a4 and not std double din size.
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    Alarm Woes

    Checked door switches? Mine thought the door was open a while back.
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    [Aug 6, 2016] Surrey Rolling Road Day (Hants)

    I'd be up for this, always forget to check the events forum
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    Anyone had their clutch pedal welded when it's still attached?

    Hmm, I've noticed mine creaking recently.
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    Stock DV Broken?

    Mine has started doing this evening, I've got a forge 007 but managed to look under the bonnet while it was still light and noticed the rubber vac hose going into the top was cracked so probably why it's not working properly.
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    Brake pad suggestions/recomendations

    Cheers for the suggestions, I'll prob end up with the ferodos but tempted by the brembos, been a bit busy, need to sort my insurance 1st this week then i'll stop being indecisive and order a set. Is it normal or ok that the pads on the inner side of the discs seems to have worn a lot more than...
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    Brake pad suggestions/recomendations

    Hi Guys, Didn't want to start a new thread but need to replace my front brake pads on the S3 (std brakes) and wanted some suggestions based on experience. I know loads of people rave about Ferodo DS2500's and I am tempted but not sure on the cost and I don't drive on the track, so looking for...