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    Audi RNS-E Sat Nav disc, where is best to get one?

    Hi all, Looking for an up to date ish Sat Nav DVD for our A4 cab RNS-E Sat Nav. Where is best to get an original disc from a reputable place? And what sort of price should I be expecting? Seem to struggle to find the right one... Car didn't come with one when I bought it. Thanks in advance :)
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    Dash lights flicker ?

    I swear I notice this in the corner of my eye, question myself loads of times over this!!
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    Retrofit High Beam Assist possible?

    Just looked at Audi configurator and it says only in combination with Auto dimming rear view mirror or Comfort package, which could suggest it requires that. Hmmm.....
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    Retrofit High Beam Assist possible?

    I don't unfortunately :( Reordered without mono.pur and High beam assist, something I feel I should have added.
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    Retrofit High Beam Assist possible?

    Is this possible guys? Sorry if this has already been covered previously :)
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    Wrapping chrome windows and grill surrounds

    Thanks guys! :) Appauling on the grill! In what way? Did the bumper have to come off?
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    Wrapping chrome windows and grill surrounds

    Thinking about wrapping my chrome window and grill surrounds, local vehicle wrapper company have quoted £80 to do this with glossy black finish. Worth doing? Can it look good if done properly? Any pictures? :)
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    Audi Connect Sat Nav traffic updates

    Hi all, I have got the Connect package and the Sat nav is good however I wanted to ask a question on the traffic. Last year on a trip from Taunton to Bolton my TomTom Live was very good at the traffic updates on the way up, it popped up to stay the M5 was closed and to diverted accordingly...
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    Climate control displays wrong in the heat

    My A3 Sportback about 4 weeks old Climate Control displays strange when its warm, corrects itself after 5 minutes or so, its fine when its cool. Just wondered if its a fault with my particular unit or a common thing caused by the heat on all models? Anyone else experienced it?
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    Hill Hold Assist assistance!

    Problem is it can often be too much when your looking to just crawl forward in traffic. Just wondered if I am doing anything wrong.
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    Hill Hold Assist assistance!

    Hi Guys, There may have been some previous history of this on the 8V Forum but thought I'd ask. Basically it is good and I like it however what I find is when it is active and holding the car, when I go to bring the car to biting point and look to move it away it hesitates first time. I have...
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    Rear carpet mats

    Yeah mine has them. S Line Sportback. Build week 13 2014. My A3 Sport Sportback built in 2013 didn't have them...
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Yeah its Scuba Blue. :)
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    BW 10, 11, 12, 13

    Have posted some pics in the A3 8V picture thread. :)
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Here is some piccys of my car that was collected yesterday, Interior light pack makes a HUGE difference!