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    Hole in my Dash :(

    If it was my own id be looking to replace the dash as said above mate, anything else is more hassle than its worth when you take into consideration cost of repair/re-trim and then the car re-sale
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    Juicy's Green Goblin Build Thread

    Quite like that, change from the norm if nothing else, cool plate by the way
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    RS3 fender wings ...

    The Mercedes version of these is a great job
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    Boot Cargo Net

    Got mine from here boys: BKS Tuning
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    Expensive Night Out !!!

    Someone took their time to do that, disgusting
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    tdi 170 quattro s line lowerd with spacers.

    Would the eibach springs not lower slightly more than the H&R ones? Coilovers look great but it really comes down to what you use the car for etc Mine was my daily driver so i couldn't justify major lows or any rubbing issues Cheers Nate, appreciate that! Yea will try and get back on here from...
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    tdi 170 quattro s line lowerd with spacers.

    As requested, few different angles of how mine looked with 12mm H&R rear spacers, 45mm H&R Springs This one maybe give's you a more realistic idea of what the ride height was on the H&R's: And this one maybe shows you the look that rear spacers only achieves, its a much better look...
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    Sticker !

    Got the PM glad to see you have got around to sorting these out, they are great for showing support, sorry cant wear one now lol
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    It still looks bad ***, tampered or not lol
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    My New Toy

    No pics yet?lol
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    Look at what Bird **** has Done to My A3

    What i would be doing is seeing my solicitor, get him to send a solicitors letter as you basically paid for an inferior product/service in their paint job In the mean time take it somewhere and have the job done right, you don't want the original cowboys touching it again especially not now...
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    Can you not just ring Audi and get them mate? Pretty generic part, you'd only need a chassis number from a 10plate! Unlike S3 parts etc where you would need an S3 chassis number
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    Anyone know where i can buy black audi badges ?

    Do not paint them, they will only chip and flake eventually: ABS plastic is the only way Black Audi Rings
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    tdi 170 quattro s line lowerd with spacers.

    This is 45mm H&R springs, 12mm H&R rear spacers, no front spacers, OEM 18" Pescaras (Same size/ET as your RS6's)