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    Top Gear

    Because let's face it, Audi's are not the most exciting to look at or noisy cars on the market. Top Gear is just a platform for Clarkson et al to d1ck around with exotica and break stuff.
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    Such a thing as a decent TT for £4k?

    My missus is after a roadster and £4.5k can get a decent one with around 60k miles on the clock with full history. We don't really drive much so even one with high miles wouldn't be an issue to us as we'll put ****** all mileage on it anyway.
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    How Long have you been on the Forum?

    Dunno how long i've been on here, can't be ***** to look and haven't been on here for months. I do like the fact that AndyMac is still winding folk up though! :o.k:
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    Le mans 2009 - newbies advice required

    Languistines campsite was pants this year. We went with Speedchills and it was awesome, couldn't fault them. The campsite was well organised with friendly staff and great showers/toilets which were constantly cleaned and certainly the best i've ever seen at any event like that. They served good...
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    Diesel vs Petrol?

    i never use my S4 other than on weekends and it still costs a ****** fortune in fuel. 18 mpg or less usually, i'm gonna get shot of it and buy a golf TDI. I'll probably only fill it up once every other month. Watch me get bored and buy a 2nd car though..... :(
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    Computer people

    Don't waste your time with that crap, buy Symantec. That said, none of it really works, just best of a bad bunch.....
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    Weekend thread!

    I'm going to some BMW show at Santa Pod this saturday with a mate in his M3. Only going cos he's driving and paying for me to get in! These things are usually quite a crack, i'll probably just get drunk and take the **** out of loads of car geeks. That's the usual procedure at same make car...
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    Skynet - Is this the start?

    Our government has it's own internet, the GSI.
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    Skynet - Is this the start?

    What's that grid thing all about anyway? Some kind of secondary internet???
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    I may go tonight. Take the S4 down there. Is it still at that service station near farnborough?
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    Not been for a couple of years, it's mainly VW though. You do get some pretty cool rides down there though.
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    My RS4 rims are on!!!!

    Looking good. :icon_thumright:
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    Football:England game - Did you watch it?

    Didn't see it, been at a scooter rally in Essex all weekend. :arco:
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    Next car...

    Just bang an HKS on there and it'll sound the ****. Good choice.
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    Next car...