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    B9 seats into B7 anyone tried it?

    im not a huge fan of them, you can get b8 sline seats cheap with the half leather lacntra? might just got them them and play it safe. ive not got electric seats or memory or heated (but they are leather?) so not to fussed on functions as long as they move!
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    3.0 tdi b7 oil leak STUMPED

    get some pics
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    B9 seats into B7 anyone tried it?

    as above really theses some super nice seats around extremely reasonably, dont fancy being the first to try it! anyone any ideas if they fit?
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    New clutch will not engage when engine is running

    you definately put the thrust bearing back in there?
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    A bit low on the ground at the moment guys, where have all the projects gone.

    it is quiet on here, most of the info ive got for the 3.0tdi tends to be off the a6 section. i suppose there old cars now and less and less about... people just go and get stuff on finance now no one runs older cars... ive not done much in interesting other than maintenance to mine new dmf...
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    Red Low Oil Pressure warning. 2.0TFSI

    Ha ha mine did this, got low oil light a few weeks earlier then it was fine, a week or 2 later the wife rang to say she was making record time home then about 10 mins later car had stopped!! the chain on the back of the cams had snapped totally ******* the engine, i got a whole new engine from...
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    3.0 tdi injectors tolerance's vcds

    well an update to this after lots of faffing and reading loads more stuff i got 2 used late code injectors off ebay, tried one in which was the most out in my car with no difference at all, after reviewing the vcds data the injectors are all well within tolerances both the correcting and the...
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    Stage 1 Remap Question TFSI

    my tfsi awd had a clutch at 60k (from audi history) i had to do it again at around 125k, its not that difficult or expensive dmf was ok too i would map it will easily take if if the clutch is half decent, if it slips it prob past its best
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    3.0 tdi injectors tolerance's vcds

    christ this place is quiet, anyone here still run a 3.0?
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    3.0 tdi injectors tolerance's vcds

    well my 3.0 does that wierd smoking thing when stopped, i had convinced my self it was turbo but after very occasional missing i suspected bad fueling, sure enough you can smeel diesel in the fuel when its smoking. got vcds on the car and injector 5 looks off to me, which is cylinder 5 as...
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    Who was looking a Colour DIS?

    i believe you need vag taco to do the clocks it can search out the codes you need to reprogram stuff, theres some decent youtube videos, if im not mistaken vcds cant do it unless you have the codes.
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    Fitting new dmf 3.0tdi torque ratings help please

    found some torque ratings on here and another forum were for the rs4 but its the same flywheels as i understand, flywheel to crank 60nm + 90deg cover plate to flywheel (found 2 versions one said add 90 another not?) 20nm + 90 deg you need the 90 or there slack as ****. drive shafts 60nm. they...
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    Sticking turbo vanes. Mr Muscle process advice!

    ha ha eat its own poo, years ago when i used to tune peugeot diesels first thing to do was pull vacuum hose off egr, only down side is they did get slightly worse mpg, there must be remnants of fuel that get 'reused' when it goes back through egr.
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    Fitting new dmf 3.0tdi torque ratings help please

    anyone got torque ratings for bolts would be really handy :thumbs up:
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    Fitting new dmf 3.0tdi torque ratings help please

    so my dmf was juddering for a while, got a 2 post lift before xmas finally got around to fitting new dmf (will get some pics quite interesting looking at car with no gearbox) got new bolts to fit dmf to engine but cant find torque ratings, also ratings for the bolts to hold cluch pressure...