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    My new A4 Avant Special Edition Quattro

    I thought all special editions had the black optics pack? Mine has eg,roof,window trims,grill exhaust Nice car nevertheless Looks in mint condition
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    S line special editions with 100k plus mileage, avoid or still a good buy?

    Hi mate I'm looking to sell mine if interested 2007 special edition,89000 miles
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    2.0T S Line Special Edition 2006, is it worth me doing these modifications?

    I can echo the remap comment Revo stage1 has transformed the car into what it should have been from factory
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    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    I have a set of 8.5x19 BBS speedlines et48.CB57.1 Comes with tyres,2xfalken 453s, 2xnankangs,235-35-19 At least 5mm tread In classifieds
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    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Putting mine up for sale Just ordered a mk7 golf R estate If anyone interested give me a pm Ad will be created soon Brief spec 2007 black avant special edition 220bhp Quattro standard,full 2 tone leather,multi function SW,87000 miles,full service history,all known parts that fail changed...
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    BBS Speedline Help

    I'm running 235-35-19 But I think Sean is running 225 My calipers are standard black I think My car is the bul 220bhp engine so have larger discs as standard
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    BBS Speedline Help

    What size are your front brake discs? Mine touched the calliper faces and I have to use 3mm spacers to clear it FYI I'm running same wheels
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    It's bad news chaps, its all change again.

    Mtms are a great choice mate Think you'll be finally happy with them
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    Aftermarket Stereo help

    You need a Hilo converter I had this problem when I fitted mine That autoleads pc thingy is no use even though xtron advise to use it
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    Sean's Phantom Black B7 A4 2.0T Quattro

    Just the standard black plastidip Good luck with yours,they'll look sweet when done
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    Sean's Phantom Black B7 A4 2.0T Quattro

    Hope this helps,not the best picture though sorry
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    Sean's Phantom Black B7 A4 2.0T Quattro

    Maybe plasti dip them like I have to see if you like the darker colour?
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    Sean's Phantom Black B7 A4 2.0T Quattro

    Defo keep wheels and get them done darker colour I am biased though
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    driver side electric window problem

    I followed YouTube video aswell Did mine last week Make sure you have a T45 torx bit Took about 1-1 1/2 hours Very satisfieing doing it yourself and saving garage labour Bought part from eBay for £25 delivered