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Oct 9, 2015
Apr 2, 2013
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Oct 9, 2015
    1. ukm120
      Yeah chose the 2.0tdi. Smooth engine and good sound insulation from it inside the cabin.
      I worried about the suspension for a while as deselected the sports suspension and I'm not regretting it, very little body roll and soaks up the dire roads round here. Thoroughly enjoying it!
    2. ukm120
      Hi SJW,

      Apologies for not replying. Been using tapatalk which hasn't been giving me any notifications and just logged in on laptop and it came up from 3 days ago. Haven't been ignoring you honestly!!
      Well as you've seen we picked it up on Friday. It's a superb car as you know, and definately glad we didn't have the weather you had as gave us the chance to open up the pan roof. Still getting used to all the options and getting it to the way we like but that's part of the fun.
      Cheers UKM120
    3. V00D00
      Hello Steve, I am due to collect 1st September. The build week is 27 so should be at the dealers mid August. The last two cars were outside and like you on one occasion it was lashing down with rain.i have sent an email to the dealer today asking if the stickers could be removed on the sun visor, long shot but you never know. No dealership sticker on back window. Confirmation DAB has been added to my order as a no cost option. And if possible the car be brought inside for collection. I would quite like it covered so they can do the grand unvailing, but I don't think they would do that. Which is a shame as it is part of the experience. Thanks again for the checklist. Tim
    4. V00D00
      Thanks Steve, I got the check list, I think this will come in very useful as there are a few things I hadn't even thought of. Thanks again. Tim
    5. V00D00
      Thanks SJW, I would really appreciate If you could forward me a copy. I haven't heard from Viperfire.
      After reading people's experience and my own when I collected my last new Audi. (Missing S-Line badge on one side of car and different number plates on the front and rear) I thought it would be good to go armed with a checklist.
    6. V00D00
      Hello SJWYes I did, or did I make a mistake and ask you? If so, sorry, I will PM Viperfire again.
      Let me know, Thanks
    7. Gaffa
      Hi Steve, sorry missed your message. I got the vehicle through my 'car agent' not sure which dealer but will find out next week thanks
    8. SJW
      Hello MiT,

      SWEET shots!!! :icon_thumright:

      I actually think the amalfi looks quite radiant from your photos. Certainly appears brighter than on the A1. Perhaps being a larger car with more surface space.

      I think your car looks fantastic in Amalfi and I cannot wait till I take delivery of minr. I hope it runs as well as it looks.

      As promised a few quick pictures on from my mobile
      I will take some better ones when i get a chance.
      Picked it up this afternoon
    9. MiT
    10. SJW
      Hello MiT,

      Thank you for your reply.

      I have seen a 3dr s-line in Amalfi White but not quite the same as the sportback. Like you I have also seen the A1's.

      Only one more week to go for you - nice:arco:

      In light of not many people choosing Amalfi White it does make me wonder. I have had some doubts. I do not want to amend my order and slip back on the build times/expected delivery dates.

      No particular shots - just showing the lines of the car. Perhaps a couple of interior shots. lol.

    11. MiT
      Hi Steve,

      I understand how you feel, i took some pictures of the A1 to compare but hard without looking at the car itself.
      I just found out this morning my car is ready for delivery next week, so just waiting for the actually date. Its a company car so my work and the lease company are dealing with the actually date.

      Will defo take some pictures and post them. Will let you know.
      If there are any particular shots you want, then please let me know. :)

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