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    Is russell brand a **** or what?

    Mountain made of a mole hill. Russell Brand is funny as ****.
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    Just seen my 1st A3 Cab

    Hi guys, just seen an A3 cab on Borough High Street - it didnt look as bad as I thought it looked in peictures, but it didnt look great either. The lady driving had the roof up and the odd thing is, unlike most other hatchback/cabrios the roof seems to stretch all the way back to the tail lamps...
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    London Mayor

    In real life, they are neck and neck, but I don't understand how this is so, as I haven't met a single person who says they are voting for Ken. :think:
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    do a survey and get paid

    so is it standard procedure to get chucked out after every question you answer and you hit next or am I doing something wrong here :think:
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    Where's Silver75 and Smitch

    Hello Damian mate, yep still got the dwarf car ( and still loving it :icon_thumright:) Hope business is good :)
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    On the verge of a crazy decision!

    Hello mate, I made the same decision 6 months ago (sold my Audi for a Smart Roadster) and haven’t regretted it for a second. The car is so much fun and more responsive in comparison to my old FWD Audi and is actually better spec’d and more comfortable, also the car is an absolute fanny magnet...
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    Where's Silver75 and Smitch

    Yesss sold the Audi... so occasionally have a look on here but post mainly on Pistonheads and "the new place" now. Smitch caught Aids from African pygmies and is currently doing a 12 year stretch in a Bhutanese prison... he was "allegedly" caught red handed molesting the mountain yaks. Not...
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    mix+tracklisting (soulful house music) silver75 Mateo & Matos "Such a Feeling" Nervous Anane "Amazing Love" (Latin Dub) Vega Records Mateo & Matos "Oye La Musica" Large Lenny Fontana "Spirit of the Sun" (Full Vocal Mix) Public Demand Louie Vega "Mozalounge" Vega Records
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    mix+tracklisting (soulful house music) silver75

    Err, bump Happy New Year! :) ^^^more deeeeeep soulful house Second Crusade "May the Funk be with You" Freeze Records Blaze "Gloria Muse" Slip 'n' Slide Unit 46 "Don't Go" People :cool:
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    wa' appen pepl!!wtf?? cant work it out!!

    no pics = no help IMO
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    Which Bench Shall I Buy For Pushing Weights?

    </p>Well thats your problem. You need to try different ones to see which suits you. For example when I moved area I went to look at a few gyms to replace a very good gym that I had been using for the past 10 years. The 1st gym I went to had all state of the art cardio equiptment lots of girls...
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    Bargain Cayman S on Pistonheads..24 k!

    Just seen this on PH...Cobalt blue (best colour imo) 55 plate 11k miles for 24k!
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    Which Bench Shall I Buy For Pushing Weights?

    get a gym membership. I wouldnt recomend doing free weights on your own.