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  • Hi,

    I have read your tread and you hav done awesome work . I have a Silver Audi S3 but having some issues . I'm trying to restore the car back to std and by doing so have come about some problems .

    Turbo smoke -spoke to a turbo specialist who advised that the car will stop backfiring and smoking if I adjust the Turbo actuator to 12mm. I have done this and it did help minimize the problem but still getting the backfire after 3500 rpms but only smokes when the car is idling and it smells Rich
    The steering feels like its knocking when you turn left and Vagcom picks up a angle sensor -do you know if it needs replacing or just a cleanup and where it is situated .

    Last Q -Torq settings for S3 8L is so hard to find . Is there a simple way to get these settings . I went to Audi for the repair manual and they said they do not supply it to the public .

    Thank you for your help.

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