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  • Hi Steve, I am from paisley and badly need some help with VCDS. My power steering has failed. I had the rack reconditioned at bba-remans last year and they are insisting that I provide them with a fault code to show that the power steering warning lamp is on because of fault in the rack before they will honour the warranty. Your help would be much appreciated. I am in town centre. Drive an A3.

    Hi mate, seen you in the map that shows you the people with a cable.. I have a 2009 a6 facelift with led drls and led rear lights, need the rear lights on with the led drls, can you do this? Also alarm chirp in when arming disarming, and the footwell lighting on, I'm not sure if these can be done but if you can how much will it be? I'm in paisley too
    hello mate, sorry for wading in with the PM but saw your post: whilst searching for answers to my crap radio reception & was wondering if you could help? Aerial base rubber seal is shot so I'm guessing the amp in there has also gone. Lined up a couple of replacements, one with the amp built into the base (what I currently have I think):$T2eC16FHJGQE9noMZJOBBQ1Gcn0mlw~~60_35.JPG

    & another with the amp that sits between the roof & headliner (is this the same as the one you got from the breakers?):$(KGrHqVHJBMFB(MVF2VVBQyyrUldr!~~60_35.JPG

    any idea if they're interchangeable as the one above seems like a much better design & do you know the part no. of the one you used?
    Hi there I seen you were going to make some headlight leveling T's do you need to remove the headlight to fit them?
    Cheers :)
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