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    Wrong oil?

    Was driving along motorway and car decided oil was at min level so pulled into service station. They never had any 5w30 so I used 0w30 instead (20 quid a litre! :scared2:) Probably nothing to worry about but I'd like to be sure I ain't going to ****** the engine by driving onwards!
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    Running rich

    Vagcom reckons my car is running rich. 17545 - Fuel Trim: Bank 1 (Add): System too Rich P1137 - 35-00 - - to be precise. Its also complaining that there is a pressure drop between turbo and throttle valve. I've already replaced the DV with a forge one. I guess its possible the pipe...
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    Part ID

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    Part ID

    Found a bit of plastic in the boot and no idea where it came from! It's L shapped (sort of) and looks like it slides onto something on one side and has a hole on the other. can't see anything obviously missing a bit. Part no written on it is 810.863.237 Anyone know what it is?
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    Easy brake question

    Anyone know what size of socket/bit I need for the caliper and carrier on my 1.8TQS? Brakes in bad need of changing, tools at folks and need to nip to halfords to buy the socket/bit. Great big pile of kudos available for the winner!
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    Just driven an RS4..... Bit slow arn't they?

    You're thinking about this the wrong way. You can only fit a few cases of beer in the boot of an s3, but an rs4 makes a trip to majestic that little bit more satisfying :thumbsup:
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    Honda Type R Aerials Fit straight on my A3

    Aerial on my a3 was a bit shabby when I got it. It now has the aerial off the vectra I was scrapping :laugh:
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    Lol ****** hell!

    I just ran out to my car to check that. Is it sad I found that rather cool? :lmfao:
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    S3 Service Parts - Where From?

    I got a couple bits from tho they don't seem to have a huge stock. delivery was pretty quick.
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    312mm brake upgrade

    I know this has been done to death but I couldn't find the answer after a search so.... Will the 312mm brakes fit inside 16" wheels? (2001 quattro sport ones if it makes a difference) Also anyone know how much audi charge for the carriers? Just wanna make sure prices I'm seeing aren't...
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    Quattro or not?

    I have the 1.8TQS and would never consider going for a fwd version. Fact I live in edinburgh with hilly cobbled streets is probably a big factor. Fantastic knowing I can get out of junctions quickly which just wouldn't happen in a fwd. Of course if you get the quattro a3, you'll only start...
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    No ESP button??

    My esp works by cutting all power for at least 5 secs :shrug:
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    CentralLocking pump over-run

    Exact same thing happened to mine. Got new pump, but still haven't found the leak, so pump isn't wired in anymore to keep it intact. Why couldn't audi use electrical systems like everyone else? Mind you, at 300 quid a pump I think I can guess....
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    Help needed with a3 1.8t

    You can get an oem dv from vagparts. Some of the advertisers on here sell the forge DV's which seem to be recommended. Plan on one myself.
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    Running rich and temp

    Needed a bitty or two that vag parts sell so chucked in a temp sender too. Hopefully with DV that'll fix the probs. Then I just need to sort the abs sensor, steering angle sensor, and central locking pump and vacuum leak then my car will finally be normal! Tho its also due a service, and I...