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    Yep Quattro is AWD with 40% front 60% rear which can make the car kick out but get pulled back into line with the front pulling. Not sure if power changes front to rear except in RS models or if it just cut power to the wheel which is spinning?
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    Audi A7 retrofit 2012 /245

    I done my 2012 firmware which had to be done twice as I was advised I couldn't do it in one hop and then put 2016 maps on. I have 3G+ with Googlemaps but not bose system.
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    Gearbox fault

    Fault log
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    Gearbox fault

    Thanks I will be showing the garage this. I bought the car with 47k on it with FASH. I got it done about 50k mark when i realised it had to be done as Audi Preston girl not sure if done or not?? So to be on the safe side i got it done.. BAD MOVE as it turns out. May be a coinsidance but no...
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    Gearbox fault

    I have been getting the same issue in my 2012 A7. This started 10 miles after gearbox service. Garage saying its due to my map. Car has been mapped for about 5 months no issues until service.
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    Post your A7/S7 and RS7 pics here

    Ebay bud all legal
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    Map Update Help

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    Map Update Help

    I just done my 2012 A7 with Sd cards. I had to update mmi twice before adding maps.
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    Post your Audi A7 pics here!

    Heres my new one
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    New Audi A7 owner - advice needed please

    Just new here too. I got an APR map done on mines as i had a superchip on my A5. My car was the Quattro 245 version & had 260 from start so 15 better off the mark. Stage 1 with K&N filter got me 315bhp 630nm. Hope this helps and money well spents. Pulls good Long and hard but very smooth. A5 &...
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    New here to A7 group

    This was the A5.
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    New here to A7 group

    Hi guys i'm new to the A7 group. I just sold my Phantom Black 3.0tdi A5 and now got a (245) 3.0tdi Ibis white A7 Quattro. Lots of gadgets. Had the car now for about 4 weeks. Been busy. Car clayed, machine polished etc etc. New Brake pads. New wipers. Calipers painted cosmos black and Sline decs...
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    Post your A7/S7 and RS7 pics here

    My A7 had it about 4 weeks now and loving it.
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    eml just came on

    Just finished it 2 mins ago and looking good..My advice after much ****** about is..Take the motor off with the 3 torex bolts and support bracket..i used grips as no access.Took of pipe from air filter just 2 jubilee clips but left wiring on. Also left the wiring on motor.I took off bottom ball...