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    Vehicle light malfunction??? Please help!! Video inside.

    Hey Eigdoog, have you got this issue sorted yet? We seem to have a pretty much identical problem (although my A4 is a B6). I had an issue with my A4 constantly throwing up a warning for the left rear fog light... which is weird, because its a RHD car and only has a right rear fog light. So my...
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    Massive Electrical Issues

    Again, not that I can feel. As typical the electrics have been absolutely fine today and, less than 12 hours before its due to go the specialists, it still is! Not even a flicker from any of the lights, nothing. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that is a sign that nothing is permanently damaged (like...
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    Massive Electrical Issues

    Not that I can feel.
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    Massive Electrical Issues

    Hey guys Been a while since I posted on here but I need some advice. Booked my A4 into an independent specialist on Friday because a (very) occasional electrical problem has now transitioned to a pretty much permanent electrical problem. Currently not working: Indicators/Hazards Exterior...
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    Corrosion claim accepted

    I've got bubbling next to the roof channels on my A4 (sorry, I know this is a Cab thread but its pertinent to my question I guess) but the car is a 53 plate. Am I best of getting in touch with a dealer now as I'm still within the 12 year period? (but only just!)
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    Yet another photoshop request!

    I had a look a bash at doing the photoshop but I started with the wheels... Trying to give such a complicated shape a gloss sheen, along with all the reflections a gloss finish would have, is ****** hard... needless to say, I gave up!! LOL
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    Do dreams freak you out?

    LOL. I know dreams can have a lot of hidden symbolism and objects/places can have different meanings but I'm inclined to believe something is getting lost in translation here... A Tesco Express is not a train (as in "The Midnight Express") but a small version of a Tesco (or "Fresh & Easy" as...
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    New A3 Saloon for 2012

    I've seen loads of them round my way (admittedly of the previous version), and a there's also a few retractable hardtops round here too! I've also seen a couple of estates and saloons versions of cars that I never even knew they did saloon and estate versions of! Then again, where I live...
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    Boot opens on its own?

    :lmfao: I sincerely apologise for having nothing constructive to contribute to this discussion but the thought of someone going all Basil Fawlty because of their boot lid really made me chuckle! Sorry :blush:
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    2012 & Avatar

    You don't need to guess if you've ever seen Disney's Pocahontas...
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    On screen display (weird)

    Not as far as I'm aware. It seems to just repeat the two hour warning every, erm, two hours :laugh:
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    Who knew Steven Seagal was a cop?

    Are there no lows that TV will not sink to? How long before he dons a leather coat and shoehorns the fact that he's part Cherokee Indian all while speaking so slowly it will induce a coma in any "crim" he encounters?
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    On screen display (weird)

    @Prawn: I thought my car had done similar in the past but didn't post it because I thought that maybe I'd lost track of the time or something! :laugh: