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    Anyone running spacers?

    Hello people Haven't been on here for donkeys and my car hasn't been touched. Got a stock of little bits that I've not put on yet too. I did however stick some spacers on about 4 months ago and since then I've found tears in the side walls of all 4 tyres but.manly the front two. I've put 15...
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    For Sale Wheel spacers 10mm

    I dropped on a set on the bay, cheers anyway
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    For Sale Wheel spacers 10mm

    I want these ones too!
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    Sold Wheel spacers 15mm

    I'm assuming this is a set of 2? Do they come with bolts? I may take two of these sets
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    Filling diesel A4 from jerry can

    I've also had to use the trickle method before, I was stuck without a.funnel.onntwonoccasions where I've had to use a piece of paper rolled in to a cone, workes quite well actually!
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    Cleaning a headlining

    You think even the hand tool would be too much? You control how aggressive it is with that really.
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    Cleaning a headlining

    You could rent a rug doctor from your local Tesco depending on how dirty it is. I went halves with someone on it for 2 days, one bottle of detergent was enough to do 2 cars and 2 houses worth of carpet and I still have detergent left. Brilliant things have rented them about 5 times over the...
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    Can anyone identify this please.

    Beat me to it!
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    Can anyone identify this please.

    What does the text say? Google lens didn't find a match.
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    C16 RKC's car ownership thread

    Love the Daimler's my uncle has a coupe wrapped up in a garage I hope I can get my hands on one day. Hasn't been touched for at least 25 years. Yours is looking spot on! Hope the little fella is feeling a bit better, great how he gets stuck in.
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    Anyone else feeling nostalgic?

    I was on YouTube the other day and came across videos of RC jets. They are insane! A mate of mine years ago.bought a nitro RC car and took it on a local empty car park. It went flying down the car park.he lost control and hit a curb and it went boom! He had it for all.of ten minutes!
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    Mk1 TT 225 track day car, Launch control 3.7s 0-60 on 1.2 bar boost

    I had a garage tour about 4 years ago at Silverstone with pirtek and can just about spot those calipers in my pictures. They should do you well!
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    1997 80 Cabriolet 2.8 V6

    Looks to be in good nick for its age! That looks like a bulb out warning to me but I'm guessing off the picture.
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    Hi all finally got my a3 1.8T AUM on the road

    I had a go on my old Mondeo and it was ok. I'm sure there are some guides knocking about on here. I think you warm the light up so the glue softens, split the unit and remove the chrome bit. Then just prep and spray and out it all back together.
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    Hi all finally got my a3 1.8T AUM on the road

    I say open them up and spray the inside bits black so halfy halfy! That's assuming you are talking about blacking out the lenses? I think it's a bit much personally but it's your car mate.