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    Electronic Handbrake

    Can this be coded to engage more gradually? I hate the fact that if the car is moving even slightly the abrupt engagement causes a real jerk...maybe I'm driving like a jerk?
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    2020 A4 cost cutting

    The thing I find slightly galling are all the useful things you get as standard on many Skodas that either aren't available or are extras on an Audi.
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    Missing back seat storage solution?

    Amazon has loads of Back Seat Storage solutions, not all of them are ideal but to me they'd all be better than drilling holes in my seats.
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    A/C not turning on

    What temperatures do you have locally. I believe the AC will not operate if really cold.
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    Remap options for A4 272 Quattro?

    Your torque is spot on; 680 nm is 501.54lb/ft
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    New owner questions

    My mats are from Audi UK and have A4 on them.
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    Audi A4 1.4 TFSI (MPG, Reviews, Performance)

    I've been in a 1.4tfsi Sport A4 since March. I find it very pleasant indeed, it's quick enough, very quiet engine and wind noise, but because of this you do tend to focus on the road noise which is not as well suppressed. I put this down to British road surfaces as a drive to Barcelona via the...
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    Anyone has 35% tints done?

    30% for front sides is correct. You need to be able to see the drivers face and make eye contact. This is also so the Police can see who's driving, for instance, if it's a man driving and the insurance comes back to a woman then they ask questions.
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    Farewell A4 and Audi

    I hate the system that dictates that to have something you want, you need to order other stuff you may not need. In this day of computer controlled just in time delivery to production lines there should be no reason at all why you could not have your car built to exactly the spec you want at no...
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    No-one buys A4's in scuba blue?

    My windows have a very slight factory tint, I wouldn't want privacy glass or any sort of aftermarket tint. When I bought, the blue was rare and stood out in a sea of grey, black and white. I think that when clean and polished it's still my favourite colour - it has a sparkle in the paint. What...
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    No-one buys A4's in scuba blue?

    I have one in Scuba Blue
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    Swapping a monochrome DIS for a color one

    Given the work involved and the possible complications, would it not be easier to just sell your car and buy one with the colour display that you want fitted as standard?
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    2019 Maps...

    My A4 is the first car I've had with a built in satnav, funnily enough though I usually find myself using Waze via Android Auto it seem "cleverer" at dealing with live traffic.
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    Anyone else struggle with sline seats?

    Respectfully, why didn't you know. Did you not test drive the car before purchase?
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    Anyone else struggle with sline seats?

    If I put it as low as I would like, my left knee hits the Cruise Control stalk.